Thursday, 14 January 2010

A Wonderful Place in the Black Forest......

This post is for my lovely friend Angie who was born here. I knew she was born in Germany, Black Forest but no idea it was here, until I got back. I saw her husband Dave and he just said to me "Titisee" I thought how did he know, I had been. . I think it was just as much of a shock to him, when I said actually yes I was there. After all I never knew I was going to be in Germany. Thought I was just going to France!! Hope you enjoy this post Angie!!!

Our good friend Michael drove us to the southern Black Forest in Baden-Wuttemberg, where the amazing Lake Titisee is!

Titisee is not only famous for the lake but also for the Cuckoo Clock, I have never seen so many in one place!

Such a wonderful place to visit and walk around, do a bit of shopping.......

or take in the stunning views.


  1. Cuckoo clocks are just delightful. I love the lake pictures as well - the last one in particular is beautiful - what a gorgeous spot.

  2. The lake is really beautiful :-)

  3. Anne, how lovely, what a treat, and what a special thing to do for me...very unexpected. THANK YOU It brought a tear to my eye, and an urgency to be near lakes, mountains sure its all covered in snow at the moment!! Lots of love Angie x x x PS happy birthday blog.

  4. Titisee! A great place as we've been there one summer when our westie was just a pup. We rented one of those little electric boats and had a picnic out in the middle of the was so much fun! And the westie LOVED going on the boat ride. We had to keep a firm grip on her leash or else she would've jumped in for a swim!

  5. The landscape in Southern Germany very much reminds me of West Virginia (where I am from) and all it's mountains But here in the North, things are more flat with a lot of farmland. My husband loves it, but it is a little strange for me. I miss the mountains.

    I would have loved the Cuckoo clock shop... maybe not when they go off all at once.


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