Friday, 8 January 2010

Two wonderful friends, Two Wonderful Postcards....

My great friends haven't forgotten the Postcard collection which is so brilliant of them...and cheers you up, when the postman comes calling.

The first card is from my wonderful friend Dawn who lives in Paris..and I met for the 1st time back in April...and then again in August. Dawn also came to see me in Oxford which was brilliant, we had a great day out, and me as the guide this time :-)

She is so much fun, and we ( and our friends) have a great time together, going for Cafe, or walking, chattering none stop and all with our cameras out, just in case!!. You just never know, what we might see.
Dawn sent me a lovely card from Prague..

which I can say looks amazing. In the last few months or so , Dawn and Tom (husband) have been doing a lot of travelling to Germany, Strasbourg, Poland and also Scotland. Do look call into her blog and read all about her travels and see her fab photos. They are away at the moment, but just in case it is a secret I won't say!!

Dawn and Tom are due to go to back to the States this June (I think) and we will miss them lots and lots!

My new postcard holder.

My other card is from a great blogger friend Leslie, who lives in British Columbia. Leslie sent me a great card from Vancouver , where they are gearing up for the 2010 Winter Olympics. This is very close to Leslie's heart as her Fiance has been hired to work there. A huge honour!

Leslie and Lorne, got engaged back in June 2009 , and are getting married this year! They were engaged years and years ago, and ended up going their separate ways, but were reconnected in 2008. I think that 2010 is going to be a fab year for them 2009 didn't start off to well, but it improved thankfully. I think you should call into Leslie's blog and read it all for yourself. It is brilliant.

Thank you Dawn and Leslie!


  1. Hi Anne! Glad to see the postcard arrived safe and sound. Still hoping to get over later this year. Sending warm Canajun hugz...

  2. I like the new postcard holder. I imagine you will soon fill that up quickly.

  3. Happy New Year, Anne. (Love the postcard holder.)

  4. That is a lovely post card holder :-)

  5. just love that post card holder .... :-) a snowy one on its way soon x

  6. They are indeed wonderful dear Anne!

  7. Lovely stuff - networks are so important.

  8. These are lovely!

    I'm so bad, I always buy postcards when I travel but then I never end up sending them - oops.

  9. Lucky you, most of us don't get so many postcards any more, replaced by electronic messages!

  10. Looking at all that snow in your below pst makes me cold. I have heard it has been one of the coldest winters in England!


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