Friday, 1 January 2010

First post of the year – Sunny Sydney……

A wonderful postcard from hot and sunny Sydney came through my post box last week, from my friends Carolyn and Clive. What a contrast to our weather, it really warmed me up… Thank you!!

Carolyn has a great blog…My Sydney Paris Life ..I hope you do call over to have a read. It is very interesting..and very cultural. An amazing read with lots of great photos too!

Imagine this….An American ex-pat, living with a Brit, in Sydney. The Brit’s father lives in UK. Her mum lives in the America and her son goes to college there..and they visit Paris too!!


These two wonderful people are the reason I went to Paris for the first time back in April. They had arranged a trip, for a particular date, and our blogger friend Leesa, who neither of us had met, asked me if I could go over..why not, so took my friend Caroline with me… Leesa (bless her) had arranged a lunch for 14 of us!!!

So the story goes… An American in Paris (Leesa) married to a French man, asks me (UK) to go to Paris to meet An American and Brit from Sydney (Carolyn and Clive) along with lots of other great ladies…yes Clive was the only male!!

We all had a fantastic day, meeting up, having a wonderful lunch, and the chattering that went on.. can you imagine!!

Thank you Carolyn and Clive


  1. I could certainly go for anyplace hot and sunny right now. Nice to see the first post of the year! (I'm too worn out from all that food last night...maybe I'll get into the blogging mood tomorrow!).

  2. That's a very lovely story, Anne!! It's just wonderful how our blogs have connected us and have brought us all together in real life, as well!
    Thanks for all over your kind words! I still remember that wonderful lunch with 14 of us and how when it was just a handful at first, we kept growing and growing in number! What a great experience!!
    I'd like to be in Sydney right now, actually!

    Happy New Year!

  3. I want to go next time! Happy New Year Anne.

  4. How lovely :-)

    Happy New Year to you xx

  5. What a delightful story Anne, It is wonderful how one can make so many friends via blogging.
    It certainly brightens up my lifeand keeps me suitably entertained when i can't get out.

    Happy New Year to you and yours and, to all the lovely people who visit your site...great fun!


  6. It's so great reading about others through their blogs but even greater to meet up with them, I definitely will have a peek at their blog!

  7. Hi Anne, great Sydney postcard and story as well. I will have to check out Carolyn's blog. Leesa and I are now Facebook friends!
    Happy new year to you too and thanks again for reading my blog. I hope you make it back to Paris. I might go to Ireland in May, but other than that, I should be here :-))

  8. Yes, a great story. I didn't know it happened like that - fantastic! Happy New Year, Anne.

  9. What a sunny post! It is sunny here in MN and ... well fifteen below zero F - so I'd rather be sunny in Sydney!

  10. You must get quite alot of post :-)
    Happy New Year Anne.

  11. I hope to meet those two someday too-and you as well. That would be fun.

  12. Anne, I'm so glad the postcard arrived :)

    It was so special to meet you and Leesa last year. Here's hoping for more of the same -- adding Elizabeth and Linda -- in 2010!

    Cheers and hugs xoxoxo
    Carolyn (and Clive)

  13. Hi Anne,
    I made it online ! I have catching up since I gor the laptop back from D (he was back to work today).

    Very cool postcard from our friends, Carolyn & Clive !

    The blogosphere brings together some very interesting people. I'm so glad that you are one of them.

  14. Isn't blogging wonderful!

    Happy New year to you, Anne!



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