Monday, 2 March 2009

Our Short Walk.....

took us through the countryside of Berkshire.

There were only two of us, Liz the leader wanted to do a reckie, for next weeks walk so I went along with her.

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follow blue line clockwise

We started our walk at South Fawley , and then towards Whatcombe, where we came across an amazing house with beautiful gardens and very well designed trees. As we made our way round the side of the house and up the hill we were able to see Whatcombe Racing Stables which is one of the largest and oldest training centres in the UK and is set in 450 acres, boasting 5 sets of gallops ( three grass and two all weather surfaces ), an Equine pool and Indoor School...we continued through the fields, with delightful views, passing Pounds Farm, Cranes Farm and Old Warren...and back round to South Fawley.

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Liz and I had a great time, lovely weather, great company with lots of chat!!


  1. It looks like a great walking route :-)

  2. Great views did you take the pics.

  3. Cherrypie...great route, great views too!

    Holidaysforfun....thanks for your comment, yes I took the photos!

  4. What a beautiful walk, Anne! Thank you so much for sharing it. Your photos were perfect. :)

  5. Another great walk for you... love the photos too you must tell me how you do them like that :-)

    will have you walking 16 miles before we know it :-)

  6. Hi there Anne,
    You really do see some marvelous places through your walks.
    I enjoyed the pics.

    Have a nice Sunday.

  7. I hae walked there.....thanks for the snaps and a special thanks for the sweet memories :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  8. Fantastic, Anne! Don't know how I missed this post earlier in the week, but it looks like a fabulous walk and great time. Love the pics, too!


  9. lovely photos - those crocus were amazing - whose house is it - do you know? any way - look forward to doing that walk with you both in a few weeks or so - D

  10. The pictures are wonderful!! Thanks for taking us on your walk!

  11. Sounds like you reallky enjoyed it and the pics are great.

  12. Gee I can hardly wait to be able to walk like that again! I'm getting better but can only walk slowly for about 20 minutes around the neighbourhood.

  13. The estate and surroundings are breathtakingly gorgeous and serene! I'm envious...we are still waiting for a free weekend with nice weather to get out and about. We miss our mountain treks!

  14. It's funny the pictures of the countryside are so identical to some of our countryside. I can't wait til summer!

  15. Isn't it marvelous that the weather is changing, and that we can get outdoors more often? I love your pictures, thank you for sharing.

  16. Pumpkin - Pleased you enjoyed my walk, hopefully another one in two weeks!

    Sally - I don't know about 16 miles yet, maybe one day :-)

    Barbara - Glad you loved my photos, another walk soon, will share with you!

    Midlife - Love sharing my walks, just wondering when you walked there!

    Carolyn - My friend and I had a great time, sunny and chats, and great views. More to come soon I hope!

    Leslie - You will get there in time, don't forget you have just had major op! I am sure it won't be too long, look forward to seeing all your great photos :-)

    WL - Really enjoyed the walk, pleased you liked it :-) but nothing compares to Sicily and my trip to Etna :-)

    Nicolette - my pleasure to share with you too! Hopefully more photos for you from our next walk. Welcome back to blogging :-)

    Rowena - Stunning places around, but who is envious..ha ha you are in Italy :-)

    Lucia - Never knew our countrysides were similar, look forward to seeing more of your photos ..Thanks for calling in again!

    Beatriz - My pleasure. I don't know if you saw my walk in the snow! That was an excellent walk..!

    D - Thanks for visiting. I don't know who's house it is, tried to find out...maybe we could do some investigating when you walk it with us :-)

  17. Hi Anne - we did this walk with Liz and friends yesterday - it was great!

  18. D...Well done, pleased you had a great time..:-)


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