Friday, 27 February 2009

Happy 2nd Blogiversary.....

to Leesa...who has a very cheerful blog all about her life in France. Meeting up with expat friends, blogger friends, lunching at all her new found cafes, shopping trips, Paris and other places she visits. I love reading her blog, and seeing all the great places she visits. Thanks Leesa..


  1. Lovely post, Anne, and I couldn't agree more! You described Leesa and her blog perfectly - so positive!

    Three cheers and *clink* to Leesa and happy blogaversary.

  2. OMGOSH!!! I'm so touched, Anne! That was so sweet of you... In fact, I just read Carolyn's comment a few moment's ago, and it reminded me that it was my blog's anniversary, so I went to repost my post...
    Thanks so much for announcing me on your blog today, it's very special and you are a special person! I'm so happy that we are all getting to know one another through our blogs... and expanding our accqaintances through each other's blogs, too!
    Thanks also to Carolyn for the sweet comment!
    You gals are the best!!! : ) Have a great Friday and weekend....

  3. Congratulations and all the very best!

  4. Hi Anne! Just checking in to say "Hi"! Your friend's blog looks very cheerful.


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