Monday, 3 November 2008

I have been TAGGED...

by Chez Loulou and Leesa from News From France, two amazing bloggers, who never cease to amaze with their photos and interesting snippets from France!!

First, the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Six random things about me:-

1. I love books so much, when I go to Oxford, most of my time is spent in Borders, or Waterstones. They are both big shops, I lose all sense of time..whether I buy anything is besides the point..and going to the childrens section is great! Luckily both shops have their own coffee shop, so I take a break. Waterstones cafe looks right on to the High Street, so if you are lucky enough to get a window seat, you can people watch in the dry.

2. I have 3 grandchildren..Aidan age 5, Thomas 3 1/2 and Lily nearly 2, and another one on the way, in about 3 weeks!..Oh my word, I feel old when I write this...I don't see Aidan much as he lives in Scotland, but when I do, it is fun! I see T and L thing we like doing is singing and dancing to the radio..they love it!

3. My dream would be to spend time in Europe, France or Italy..cannot decide which, love both though! Would like my husband to take a sabbatical and we rent our house (have to do some changes to it first) and just rent a place for 6 months..My husband said "I am not being realistic" :-)...I am a dreamer!!

4. I lived in Singapore for three years, from when I was 7 til 10 years old, my dad was in the Royal Air Force..also lived in Germany, Holland, Scotland, Wales and England. Visited Belguim, France, Italy, Sicily, Crete, Spain, Malta (my dads home country)and Switzerland.

5. Would love to learn a language. And it might happen sooner than I thought. Have just met up with a new friend, Carolina, from Chile, who speaks Spanish, and is learning English. So we are helping each other. Only met a few weeks ago, and when we meet for coffee, it is fun..

6. I am the total opposite to my husband. He is a night person and I am morning. He is tall and big, I am short and small. I am a reader, he is not! (He is trying to get into it)!

That was I have to tag as well :-)

I am going to tag..

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  1. Hey Anne,

    Thanks for the compliments!! You are awesome, too!! Nice to read your post!! Very interesting!!! Leesa

  2. Now I have an reason to quit being lazy and actually write on my blog. :)

  3. Hi Leesa...thanks for the was a hard thing to do...!

    Hi took me ages to think of things to write.:-)

  4. Okay, Anne. I'll try to get to this real soon. Right now, though, so much is going on in the country just a couple of miles south of me. Let's get that all over with first.

  5. Singing and dancing to the radio. What a fun thing to do with your grandchildren. And, a new friendship. I love your blog for the human touches.

  6. Anne
    Just want to comment on #4 - my husband and I rented our house out in Los Angeles for 1 year and we just moved to France...took a sabbatical from work. All I can say is your are NOT being unrealistic, life is too short - go for it.

  7. Glad to learn more about you!!

    Loulou tagged me too- but it must wait until after the election.

    There is NOTHING more important to me right now :)


  8. ohh i will find this so hard to do..... but will have ago some time this week x

  9. I was tagged to do this, but I am a bad blogger and have not done it yet. What a great way to learn more about people!

    So you are going to be in Italy! Too bad we couldn't meet up! Have a great time. Though I have never been to Liguria, I hear it is beautiful!


  10. The first thought that came to mind regarding the differences between you and your husband -- opposites attract!

    And a note about the snails...a couple of readers pointed out that there is a 3rd!

  11. Anne-I am on my way out of town to the States for a month so if I don't get to your tag, I hope you will understand. Anyway, I enjoyed reading yours. Linda

  12. Hi Anne,
    I see you were tagged also ! My 6 facts are online...
    I share the fact that I was also a military child, but I moved much less than yourself. There are + and - about military life. It's not always easy on the children.

    Otherwise,I always find the bookstores where I'am. I could spend hours also browsing !!

    You take care ;)

  13. I love these kind of posts. I'm with you on # 1 !

  14. I am exactly the same about bookshops!

  15. it was hard BUT i have done it .....just for you x

  16. i was just coming over to give you the same tag! hehe....i loved reading all about you anne, you are such a cool lady! i love your spirit for life to the fullest!

  17. Anne,

    I love your dreamer ways. :) PS also love your new tagline for your blog. It matches you and how you are the dreamer like all of us. :)

    talk soon!

  18. Hi Anne, regards from Sweeden. Philip

  19. I would love to learn a language too. It's never too late, you know.

  20. Anne
    Thanks for joining in!
    I agree wholeheartedly with #1. Love bookstores! That is one of the hardest things about living in rural France, no bookstores!

  21. It is great to hear all of your answers Anne!
    Somehow I feel certain you will learn a new language!!


    ps I love the name of your grandson Aidan!

  22. Hey Anne... Not too difficult, I hope! I LOVE your grandkids names... Also, esperpo que peudes hablar espanol con tu neuva amiga chiliana...
    Adios and have a nice rest away from the computer!!! I hope you will get to visit one day... I will organize a big blogger get together!!


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