Friday, 24 October 2008

Museum of the History of Science Oxford

Today my husband and I had an afternoon out in Oxford. He wanted to go to the Museum of the History of Science, , and today was the last few days of the Scientific Instrument Society 25th Anniversary Exhibition, I was with him for most of it, before I left though I did take some photos of Sundials and some fantastic ceramics that were used for Drugs Jars.

I went to Blackwells bookshop just across the road. . Much more my thing, but you have to a little bit of give and take! We then met up again and went for a drink in The White Horse, in Broad street, after a lovely glass of wine, we treated ourselves to a meal at Jamie Olivers restaurant, it was fantastic..sorry no photos, just believe me it was brilliant.


  1. don't know if you know that my husband is an historian of science! sounds like a great day!

  2. Hi Ilva...I certainly didn't know that about your husband!! My husband loved the museum and all the displays. I loved some of it, best bit was meal at Jamies for me :-)

  3. I would have headed to the bookstore too. I remember seeing it when I was in Oxford but was afraid I wouldn't be able to carry my suitcase if I bought one more thing.

  4. I'd have loved a day out like that - particularly the pub. There's nothing quite like a British pub, is there?

  5. Sounds like a great day out!
    I wonder what you had for your meal? I know Jamie visited a restaurant in the mountains above Positano called Donna Rosa and was full of praise for the simple meal.

  6. I wish I could read sundials. It's nice to know you and hubby can share some cultural pursuits and make it an interesting day.

  7. Linda - I have to refrain from buying books, I could buy and buy!

    Casalba - there are not many little pubs like The White Horse, small, no machines, Real Ale, wooden pews with cushions, it was great!

    Phivos - Thanks, pleased you enjoyed it.

    Scintilla - We had Vegetarian Antipasto -Olives, grilled veg. cheeses, chilli jam and lovely bread..followed by Feathered Steak, fries and salad, and I had, Bream (whole fish) fries and salad..delicious, wine, and coffee!!

    Ellee - bit of give and take..I don't really like visiting museums, but Arni really enjoyed it, I liked some of it, but he could tell I was getting bored, he didn;t mind me taking myself off to the book shop, gave him more time to study, without thinking he had to rush it all!!

  8. Oooooh I am with you and Linda on the bookstore1 Sounds wonderful and good on you. I hope to visit it myself sometime.

  9. Love those ivory sundials! Glad you enjoyed your day out. I'd have joined you at the bookshop, though.

  10. you went to Jamie Olivers restaurant - so you have to queue for ages? Sounds fab - i might get there one day.....
    busy packing for Lille i'll brig you some cheese - any one in particular?
    love D

  11. How great that you spent some time together and a day out enjoying neat things...sounds fun!

    Happy weekend, Anne! Blessings to you,


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