Sunday, 10 August 2008

Raf Benson Families Day

Last Thursday August 7th we were so happy to be invited to Raf Benson Families Day. This was quite special to us, as this is where we both used to live. I spent 8 years there, lots of memories, great friends, and quite honestly the best place I lived whilst connected with the Air Force. My husband was there 10 years and I know he would say the same. Very strange as well, walking past where I used to live, where I used to work, shop, the boys school, the old hairdressers, yes its still up and running.!!! And last but not least our old drinking ground, where we used to join our friends for a drink or two!!! We left there in 1992, have been back to the area before, but not really back on to the camp.

This invitation came through the Williams F1 team, who had been invited to attend by the Station Commander. Unfortunately Sir Frank Williams could not attend, but those on the team wishing to do so went along.

Williams F1 had kindly provided one of their cars for display along with the Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Ferrari Owners Clubs.

We were also treated to a superb display by the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team . They were brilliant.

And lastly a Royal Air Force Air Display would not be complete without the fantastic RAF Red Arrows Team. I have seen them so many times but they never fail to amaze me.!!!

Very nostalgic and fantastic day had by both of us!!


  1. A blast from the past as they say. Looks like it was fun.

  2. I love how you put your photos together in collages! And it sounds like an awesome day. I love those cars - next Sunday there's going to be an antique car rally and a quilt show in the village here. Can hardly wait!

  3. Hi Anne,
    That sounds like a special day for your family. I can understand your emotion.
    Great photos and yes, a very interesting collage presentation :)
    My father was ex Navy, as was his father many years before.

    It's not always easy being in a military family. But, there are also good times too !

  4. Yes, it must have been nostalgic but pleasantly so. The Red Arrows must have been fantastic!

  5. Linda - your right, a real blast from the past :-)

    leslie - was an awesome day..hope you enjoy your show on Sunday. have fun. Arni showed me how to do my photos, pleased you like them !!

    Barbara - Hi it was a special day and very enjoyable. Pleased you liked my collage. My father was in the Navy, then the RAF..ex husband RAF, Husband RAF and son RAF!!! Three uncles in the Forces, and Father in law in the Navy/RAF not sure which!! Whats that say about me..!! I loved being with the RAF..great times, yes not always easy but great nonetheless!! :-)

    WL - Pleasantly nostalgic :-) The Red Arrows never cease to amaze me, I love watching them!!

  6. I've only ever seen the Red Arrows on the tv - it must be an amazing experience in real life.

  7. I love the Red Arrows, what a great day you had.


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