Sunday, 13 July 2008

Our Walk - Lyneham to Goatacre Via Tockenhem in Wiltshire

I have just been to spend the weekend with my friend, and one of the things we had planned was a walk. We were very lucky to fit it in today, as yesterday would of been so poured then went sunny, just didn;t know when to risk it!!!

We walked from Lyneham to Tockenham, looped back on ourselves and then walked to Goatacre, where how husbands were waiting for us. The weather was fantastic and luckily most of the long grass and muddy areas had dried up a bit...

Here is a map to see our walk!! Tockenhem is to the East of Lyneham and Goatacre to the South...We walked up to Queen Farm then turned back, looped back down to Tockenham Court farm on the way to Goatacre..didn;t have a map with us, as my friend knows the way.


  1. sounds fantastic....well done to you.
    not so busy next week so chat soon x x

  2. Dear Anne,
    You are having a summer filled with adventure (lucky girl)!! Walking in beautiful places is heaven on earth!
    Thanks for sharing your walk.
    Happy week to come!

  3. Thanks Sally, it was a great walk, not too long..but it was good for starters :-)

    Dear Rochambeau..Yes my summer seems filled with different adventures..Thank you for the lovely comment. Hope you have a fun filled week!! xo

  4. That looks like a walk I could manage well, especially next summer when my surgery will be long past and I'm fit as a fiddle again! :D

  5. What a lovely area to walk in. When I do a walk around here there are tons of hills and it seems like alot of work.

  6. Lovely route. Miss walks like that.

  7. Looks like it was a lovely walk! What was the total time involved? We've been remiss on hikes as the weather has been so uncooperative on the weekends or else we've just had too many errands to do. I really miss the hikes around the lakes...still hope to run into George one day!

  8. Hi Leslie, yes it was a gentle walk..sure you would be able to do it once your surgery is done, and your have recovered.

    Linda, it is the first time my friend and I have done a walk, normally just go shopping, it was great..

    James..nice easy walk, no effort really..except it was hot..

    Hi Rowena it was a lovely walk, around about 2 was hit and miss with us because of the weather, we are pleased we waited until Sunday. :-)

  9. Hi Anne, thanks a lot for your comment, I'm glad you like my blog. Wow, in November you'll be in Liguria. Where exactly? I'm going to move to low Piedmont, maybe we'd meet =)
    Let's keep in touch, have a nice time, ciao,


  10. I love finding beautiful places to walk!!! Thanks for sharing your little adventure!


    Have a lovely week, Anne!!!

    Blessings to you,

  11. The pictures are lovely. Don't you just love treehouses? That's my kind of walk - I enjoyed it, thanks.

  12. How beautiful the English countryside looks. I love those cows, it makes me feel quite homesick. :) Amanda

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  14. Thank you for visiting me, Desi and Casabal:-)and thank you for the lovely comments...Hi Melissa and Amanda...thanks to you as well...Hope you all have a great weekend. :-)


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