Friday, 20 June 2008

Picnic Plan in Paris

Leesa in Paris is planning to hold a picnic at the Parc de Sceaux on July 5th. What a great idea. Hope lots of you can make it.!!! I hope to read lots about it and see some great photos!!!


  1. Hi Anne...

    Wow!! Thanks so much for the PR!! Everyone is welcome.. I hope we will have a high attendance for the event... Everyone is welcome.. If any of your readers would like to attend... just pop over to my blog and leave me a comment or send me an email... Thanks so much for posting this on your blog, Anne!! WIsh you could make it!! Have a nice WE... Leesa : )

  2. Wish I could, what a wonderful idea.

  3. A picnic sounds a great idea, hope the weather is better than what it is today! Raining and what is more the Moto GP is on at Donnington. Hope we have better weather next week as we are off to Assen, netherlands for the next round of the championship!

  4. Wow! What a lovely location.
    Sorry I missed your birthday..can I say Happy Belated Birthday? :)

  5. What a fantastic idea! But, pour moi, ce n'est pas possible ce weekend...


  6. Oh...if only

    sniff, sniff :(

  7. Hello Anne,
    What a nice idea :)

    Sorry you will miss this one. Maybe another time, you can come over to Paris,and see the sights with Leesa & Me. Sceaux is a short train ride outside of Paris.


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