Saturday, 31 May 2008

More Progress in the Garden

Click on photo's to enlarge.


  1. well done Anne, your walking hard :-)

  2. It looks like you've got great soil! Ours is a heavy, on the clay side, so we worked in some sand and potting soil to loosen things up a bit. The earthworms do their thing too!

  3. You're garden is coming along nicely.
    Looks like you are a much better gardener than me! :)

  4. Thanks Sally..yes worked hard.

    Hi Rowena...Not great soil...ours is just like yours..clay, so I dug in Soil Improver...made from recycled garden waste from the garden centre...

    Hi Loulou..thanks for the lovely comment...this is the third garden I have done from had a bit of practice!!! Just have to keep an eye and see which ones grow best, this side is facing east, which is not that good...i am used to a south facing, which gets sun all day.


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