Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Fresh from the market today...well as fresh as it can be, it has come from Cadiz in Spain, two bunches for £3.00...which is 3.75 Euro...don;t know if that is good price for those living in France Italy or Sicily...but I had to buy make my risotto!!!


  1. Mmmmm, Love the asparagus!!! Hope your risotto came out great!!!

  2. Hi Sally love it too...:-)

    Hi My Melange, haven't had risotto yet, but will let you know :-)

  3. I love asparagus, too. Had some tonight with a bit of chicken carbonara. I think that's a bit expensive - it'd equal about $8.00 for those 2 bunches! But always worth it! :D

  4. I'll check the price here and let you know.


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