Thursday, 20 March 2008

Hi to all my fellow bloggers.

Have been away for a few days to visit my son and family...lots to catch up on. Especially my blogging..hopefully visit you all and also reply to comments left very soon.

Here is a picture of my two grandchildren I stayed with for a few days. Thomas 3 next week and Lily was 1 in January.

and this is other grandson who is 4.


  1. Such cuties:) Bet you love being a Grandma!!

  2. Hi My Melange...Well it came as a bit of a shock...still feels strange sometimes :-) At least I can hand them back. They are cute though!!! By the way I am Nanny - not Grandma :-) that is far too old.

  3. They are such cutie patooties, Anne! Isn't it fun to be a Nanny, or in my case a Gramma. I like that 'cuz when they get older they can shorten it to "Gram."

  4. Hi Leslie..they are cute!!! I don;t get to see much of Aidan as I would like but he is adorable very quick witted. ..Lily is a very demanding girl, but was really good this week, I spent my first full day with her without her parents!!!! she was really good and Thomas is a nanny's boy, either me or Jenny's mum..My mum is Grandma, I am Nanny just like Jenny's mum. (thats there mum, thomas and lily)

  5. they are precious! and i bet you spoil them too!


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