Sunday, 16 March 2008

Formula 1 - Australian Grand Prix -16th March 2008

Some of you may know that I am a formula 1 fan. I support AT&T Williams, I also work for them in the RBS Conference Centre. My husband works for the Team as well..keep it in the family.

Today was the first race of the season, and as mad as I am, I got up at 03.30am this morning to pleased am I that I did, to see one of our drivers on the podium. Its been a long time coming. The race was 58 laps and very very eventful, only 7 drivers finished out of 22. By about 12 laps from the end, I just couldn;t watch...well I did, but not easily..when it got down to 2 laps I was like a mad woman!!!!

Forget Lewis Hamilton..this is the man of the race...Nico Rosberg.

Nico Rosberg couldn’t hide his delight after scoring his first Formula 1 podium in the season-opener in Melbourne.

The German driver gave Williams just its second podium finish since 2005 with a strong drive to third place, confirming the progress the team has made over the winter.

And two years on from his F1 debut, Rosberg was thrilled to finally make the top three.

“I am really happy to be on the podium in F1 – it’s just great,” he said.

We musn't forget our other drive Kazuki Nakajima, who also finished in the points after quite an eventful race.

What a fantastic day and a brilliant start to our season!!!!


  1. I never watch these but I'm glad it came out so well for your team. I don't get excited about cars going around in circles. My husband is glued to the screen

  2. Hi Linda..if I could I would take you to a race with me...the atmosphere is electric. You really have to experience it. :-)

  3. Anne I think congratulations all round for both Nico and Kazuki. A fine start and a good year in prospect for Sir Frank and the real home team.
    I have not yet been to a race, despite family connections (not as close as yours perhaps). Maybe this year.
    All the best

  4. Hi John thanks for you have a blog...What family connections do you have then.

    All the best Anne

  5. We love to watch Formule I races! I totally forgot to watch yesterday though... Congratulations!

  6. Hi could you miss the first one of the season!!! Only joking,I have a constant reminder when it is on. Husband works for Williams Race Team and has to go to every one. So when he is not here I know where he is. :-)

  7. Anne you must be mad ..getting up at 3.30 lol

  8. 03.30 am!!!!! I am full of admiration!

  9. Congratulations to the Williams team!

  10. I used to go to stock car races when I was a wee little girl. It was SO LOUD!!!!!

    ps...I tagged you for a meme :)

  11. Hi Anne
    Thanks for your comment re: my (kind of) shorn head.
    We used to host the F1 Grand Prix here in Adelaide, but I'm not much of a motorsport fan, so I'm not fussed it's moved to Melb...

  12. We were at dinner the other night with Phil, a man who broke his back on a motorbike several years ago. He is now permanently disabled and in constant pain.

    However, the saddest part of the story was that, as a motor toolmaker, he was about to join the Williams team in Didcot when he decided, as a whim, to test ride a new bike one weekend...and was pootling along around country roads when the oh-so-powerful bike took a bend too slow!

    (I think you have to know about motorbikes to comprehend the physics involved). But it was definitely s huge loss to the Williams team...and to Phil.

  13. Hi Shirl, that is a very sad story. I'm sure a huge loss to Williams and Phil.

    Oh yes I understand the physics of motorbikes!!! Don't like them myself.


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