Monday, 11 February 2008

Our Weekend....Saturday

Sally and I had a fabulous weekend..I arrived in Cambridge and found my way to Geoff's house, where Sally was waiting for me. It was so great to see her, we haven;t seen each other for at least 6 years. It was just as though we had seen each other last month or all just clicked into place. After a cup of coffee and a chat, we headed into Cambridge centre, which is just a walk away, which is fab.

Sally really wanted to go into a shop that she has seen for ages, it is called White Stuff, and in the window was a skirt she really really liked. We just had to go was great..we tried on a few things, and then after much persausion by each other we made our purchases. We said to the guys on the till "quick just put the items through before we change our minds".

We then perused all the shoes shops, and all the other little shops we wanted too, without a male lingering over our shoulders!!You know what it is like ladies :-).

Had a break at Stavinos for coffee and a panino which we shared. and then carried on our shopping. It was great to have a friend with me..and a friend with shared interests.

After all this shopping we made our way home, to a Gin and Tonic or two..had a great meal of Mussels in White Wine sauce, which Sally cooked, it was lush and so easy, so I am going to do it at home..

Sally then planned for us to watch "Atonement", it was excellent and I really enjoyed it..whilst we were watching the film, the sauna was heating up..what a fab way to end our first day!!!! Never been in a sauna, it was brilliant..Thanks Geoff!!


  1. Yep a brill week-end...
    I keep trying my skirt on as i just love it sssooo much :-)

  2. Well done you two! Keeping up the side for us girls and retail therapy.

  3. Wow, what a fun time you had! Sounds delightful!

    Happy Week!


  4. Well, now I know where to go when I get to Cambridge - skirt is lovely and I'm wondering what Sally will wear with it (can do lots of different colours). Glad you both had a marvelous time.

  5. What a wonderful weekend, Cambridge is a great city and Sally made it all the more special for you. I hope you come back another day.

  6. Thank you to you all ...we had a brilliant time..lots of shops to peruse, in our own time :-).

    Great fun. xox


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