Friday, 4 January 2008

Something Else from Sally

Here is a lovely bookmark that Sally made me a few years ago. It is a little worn around the edges now, thats because it has marked lots and lots of books...a very avid reader!!!


  1. wow i remember making that..very fiddly but well worth the effort, I wonder if i still have the pattern for it .....

  2. Well, Sally certainly is a good friend to take the time and care in handmaking you gifts. Sounds like a lovely person. I must check out her blog.

  3. What a lovely present. I remember making patchwork table cloths one year as presents with Laura Ashley offcuts.

  4. Thought that would surprise you Sally!!

    Yes Leslie, Sally is a very good friend, always surprises me with gifts. Do check out her blog..

    Its a lovely present Ellee. I can't sew at all, paint yes, sew not a stitch!!!


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