Wednesday, 21 November 2007

November 9th

Trip to St Moritz

We didn’t get up early, but still set off anyway. We had thought it was best to leave early but the weather today was not that good. You could not see from one side of the lake to the other…the mist was so low. Not a good idea, when the views are what you here for!!!!

The drive up there was spectacular, lots of different scenes, but it was the weather that you had to see to believe. When we left Argegno it was 15 degrees, not warm, but not cold. As we climbed higher and higher on the approach to Switzerland, we started to watch the temperature gauge in the car. We could not believe it. We got down to -5 degrees. As you will see from my photos, it was quite unbelievable. We did notice along the drive, some places just looked so bleak and barren. People did live there, but there were a lot of houses, totally derelict and in one place, it looked like a whole village had been wiped out, and a new one put in its place. Luckily I had my quilted jacket and scarf with me. We did park up and get out, had a quick walk around and a coffee, but thought we should head back ASAP, just in case we got snowed in. The snow was settling quite fast. Some people were stopping to put snow chains on!!! As we headed home it got warmer. We stopped for our lunch in Tremezzo, we needed that. On our way back down, we kept looking out for somewhere to eat, but we couldn’t tell if they were open or not. Next week this particular little pizzeria closes for the winter and re-opens in March. Well it is 16.45 and we have arrived back from our trip to St Moritz. And settling in for the night.


  1. Must have been quite something to experience a fast change of temp. like that. The pics make me feel so cold!

  2. Hi Anne, very nice post. I like it! I wish I was there!!


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