Monday, 19 November 2007

November 7th

Woke up this morning about 8am, the sun was shining, so set about making breakfast, and then off for my walk again, just down to the square. But this time I ventured off and discovered little walk ways, crammed with houses, even the tiniest of shops, selling pastries, bread, milk, cheese, cold meats and just a few other essentials. Strange how we take everything for granted in the UK. God help the Brits if were to shut on Sundays and Mondays or for a few hours in the afternoon..12.30 closed, re-open 15.00. Bring it on…oh to be European. Oh sorry forgot, I am.

It was better this morning, knew where I was going, and how to get back, and it didn’t take me as long this time. Once back at the apartment we sorted out where and what we were going to do today. We were going to Bellagio. You can drive there but if you are on the west side of the lake, the quickest route is to take the ferry. Now I had a little bit of a problem with my Italian this time. From Agegno you can take the passenger ferry only, but if you want to take your car you have to drive to Cadenabbia. He thought we wanted to take our car, I didn’t understand so we drove to Cadenabbia, where we caught the ferry (but didn’t take the car) across and parking is free.…it didn’t take very long. What a lovely town Bellagio is .Our first port of call was a Café, lovely, overlooking the lake. But where were the shops??? We soon found them, hidden up the steep steps; you would never have known they were there. We had arrived just before they closed for the long break, but that was ok. I didn’t mind window shopping. You need to have someone with you who likes shopping!!! We spent about 1 and 1/2 hours here before setting back over the water to collect our car and set off again for Argegno. We stopped and parked near the square, and had a bite to eat….Panini’s, Beer for Arni and Red wine for me, and Espresso…I was ready for a kip…so home we go. It is now 17.10, the sun has gone in and it is turning rather cold.. We will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Hold on, You don’t have to wait, tomorrow is not here yet, it is 18.15, Arni has decided he would like us to go out for a drink, so we are setting off for the walk back down to the square for Happy Hour in Café Colombo….the café where we had our lunch today….Happy hour starts at 18.00 and they have a little buffet. We shall see what its like… bearing in mind we have to walk back up!!! It is now 21.07 had Happy Hours!!!! .and survived the walk back. Arni did not believe me when I told him how hard it was coming back up, especially if you had not done it before…. We had a brilliant night; they said “see you tomorrow”!!!! Oh yes we will return. X x

It is now 21.30 and we are settling in for the night.


  1. looks fab anne... cannot wait to hear more and catch you on MSN x

  2. What a good time you had! Lovely photos again. Here the shoips don't even reopen at 15.30. We have to wait till 17.00! Auguri

  3. I absolutely adore Italy. Of the lakes, I have only been to Garda so far, but long to go to Maggiore and Como. Bellagio was the place that I had picked out to stay on Lake Como. Presume you would recommend it??


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