Saturday, 18 August 2007

Thought For The Day

Are You A Rock?
By Byron Pulsifer

We're not talking about "rock and roll", or rocks on a beach. We're not talking about slang or nicknames. If you have been called a rock, maybe it means something solid, a grounding force, or a person to whom other people can turn to for comfort or advice.

It's a funny thing when someone calls you a rock. The first time I was called a rock, I wasn't sure what the other person meant. When I asked for an explanation, I was told that I was a person that could be relied upon to provide a grounding force to that person, a person that could be counted on to give stability when issues seemed to be bigger than what someone else could handle alone.

I'm sure many of you are a rock to someone else without knowing it. You may not have been called a rock by anyone, but that's how you're thought of.

On the other hand, just because you are a person to whom others turn to for help, advice, a grounding force in life's turbulence, doesn't mean that there aren't times when you also need to turn to someone else to seek help or assistance.

No matter how emotionally solid you are, how capable you are of countering life's issues head on, each of us will at some point in our lives, need to find our own rock to turn to. Every rock, no matter how seemingly solid, has it's own tiny cracks within. Without assistance, these cracks can expand under constant pressure to become larger and larger. While someone else may see you as their rock, as their permanent mainstay of support, you may also be quietly seeking your own rock. If you believe that you never need to turn to someone else for some level of help, guidance, a non-judgemental ear, you may be in denial that every person has to draw upon the emotional resources of someone else at some point in life.

Just like wells need to be fed with a steady flow of new water so it is that your well also needs to be periodically filled with new strength. Being a rock to someone else, to those close to you, to those whom you happen to cross paths with, is to be a person of worth. But, don't deny that you also need to find your own renewable source of inner strength.

Be a rock to others in need, be a rock of support to those who are facing critical issues, be a rock full of caring, but be a rock who recognizes that you also will experience times when you need to seek your own rock.

Found this today - and how very poignant it is....I would just like to say to anyone out there that is troubled....please find someone to talk to...spill it all out, there is someone for us all,who will listen and just let you be you.


  1. Strangely, due to certain e-mail correspondence at my end, I was going to run a post like this today and still might. Hmmm.

  2. Would love to read your post....oh yes , you keep changing your name!!!

  3. What a lovely post!

    Thanks for coming over to my place and saying hello; I look forward to having a look around here now :)

  4. You are right, Anne - talking helps so much. Thinking of you, my friend x


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