Saturday, 26 May 2007

Great Britains Menu for American Culinary Classic

The team arrived back from the American Culinary Classic on Thursday, and can be very proud of themselves. They achieved 4 Silvers and came 6th overall, out of 12 countries. Well done to you all.

First Course

Lightly Smoked Maple Glazed Salmon, Creamed Avocado
Hot Potted Crayfish, Saffron Scallop, Apple Salsa

Main Course

Lamb Variations
Garlic Infused Cannon, Breast with Black Pudding & Artichoke, Crumbed Sweetbread
Dauphinoise Potato, Girolles with Broad Beans, Carrot Purée, Lamb Jus


Chocolate Mousse, Shortbread with Raspberries, Pistachio & Plum Cake
Vanilla Ice Cream, Raspberry Espuma


  1. Menu sounds fab and did'nt they do well :-)

  2. Thanks Sally and WL. Yes they did extremely was and eye opener...Switzerland won. Jonathan said they were really excellent.

  3. Congratulations are in order. Very well done.


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