Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Angouleme - Architecture - Dreaming of France

Angouleme has so much to offer
and see . I feel that this is a place that I could
return to and stay a bit longer.
Below is the map of the two walks you can do and what to see on the way!
Red is for the Architectural Heritage
Green is for the Art
The tours will make you go for a trip between the past and the future!

Such a wonderful place to have café or vino or both!!

I could see myself up there with the shutters and balcony ♥

Below is the Tourist Information building , 

The Town Hall of Angoulême is a major rebuild of the original Château d’Angoulême, which was a historic residence of counts and governors and to Plantagenet Prince John of England  The town acquired the chateau in the 19th century.  Mayor Paul Abadie decided to completely tear down the main buildings whilst retaining the polygonal keep, a tower and the châtelet.

Unfortunately I cannot find any information on this dome ,

Angoulême Dôme Csse d'épargne


I have tried to find out more information about this place below
but to no avail!!
All I can tell you is that it was a
Universal Drugstore .
I really like the idea of keeping these old signs. 

And then the HEAVENS opened!!!!

 Thank You  to Diane and Nigel for taking me here ,
I know we did not have long but it was well worth a
visit. Next time we will have to see the market too.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. yes, the bar under the trees is a place I could be right now:)

    1. Hi Ola , what a fab place that would be to sit , me too!!

  2. It looks lovely. I like the arches best.

  3. Great post Anne. Sorry we had limited time there, next trip will be just the two of us and we can walk the town :-) Keep well Diane

  4. Lovely stuff Anne, I would love to go there some day, who knows?
    love Di xx

  5. I also mean't to say how wonderful your photography is, no item of detail is missed, I love the church spire, it seems to almost reach the heavens, maybe that is the idea?
    love di..xx

  6. What a fabulous journey around Angouleme. Thanks for sharing and for playing along.

  7. That's not too far from me. Maybe one of these days we can go check it out. There is a TV show, no longer being done, called Pere et Maire which has some scenes filmed there. It looks like a beautiful place.

  8. Just read your great posts about Angouleme Anne, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had actually heard of this town as we once had a French au pair who came from there. It is somewhere I would like to visit one day, had not realised it was that close to Diane and Nigel's.

  9. Hello Anne! It's been a while since I've visited but I saw you left a comment on another blog and thought I'd come on over and say hello. I see you are still enjoying traveling and sharing your adventures. I've just spent a little time perusing your blog roll and discovering other old friends as well as some new ones. It's great to "see" you here and I'll be back.

  10. It looks lovely Anne and well worth a return visit. Perhaps one day we will venture across the border into France. Thank you for the temptation.


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