Friday, 3 August 2012

Barbara , this is for you :-) :-)

My one and only postcard from my hubby



He sent me this postcard in 2002 ..It is kept in my box of memories …..

The Shereton Maui, located on famous Ka’anapali Beach, Maui..

Funny when I read it ..

“Well I have remembered, after the excitement of the submarine yesterday”

Now that is where I would love to be right now..!!



  1. Hi Anne,

    Oh my goodness; there is your card from Hawaii that you told me about! LOL!!
    We have all sort of coincidences here. Now, in 2002, I had already left HI a long time ago and I did not know you yet.
    It was like ushering in someone or something from there...
    BTW, I had only been to Maui once, on a day trip(I lived on the main island, Oahu).

    Many many warm Thanks, to Arni from sending you that and for you sharing.

  2. Hello Barbara.. Yes we do have all sorts of coincidences going on :-) .. I knew you would like to see it. Hugs xox

  3. Now that really does look like something special. Still, it is as nothing compared to Cornwall where you will be soon! LOL!!!

  4. Hi Diane, it is very special .. and the reason it is for Barbara , is that she is from Hawaii .. having left 20 years ago, but on her recent trip , barbara and her husband went on a submarine trip.. I told her about Arni , doing that in 2002. I love Cornwall but I would love to see Hawaii.

  5. You are lucky, I have got a few birthday cards form my husband but that is where the story ends!! Glad you have sorted out the reply :) Have a great weekend, Diane

    1. Diane , it is my one and only, and I think it will always be that way ... but I would love to see Hawaii :-)

  6. I think you should get your husband to take you on a trip there sometime Anne. :)

    1. Hello Linda.. now that is a great idea, but he is a mis mog LOL, he doesn't want to travel , just wants to be at home, ..!!

  7. me too! Gosh, I miss the beach.

    I hope all is well with you! Hugs


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