Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Another place to visit in Paris ........

One day on a two week visit
to Paris, I took myself off
to the Marais ....
and came across this
wonderful museum and it had
FREE entrance!!

is in the 3rd Arrondissement ... in the
heart of the Marais area. 

Henry Philip Hope

I am trying to find out more about Henry, google just takes
me to a site about the Hope Diamond and its curse!!
We also have a few more links ..thanks to my friends Diane
and Linda ..   Not only is Henry linked
to the Diamond , he is also linked to the Hope Pearl.

A miniature on enamel in 1802 by Henry Bone (1756-1834).
 Henry Bone was an English enammelist who specialised in "large miniatures".

Click on photo to enlarge.

 is what Paris is about ..
 you will see
so much more .. and no
doubt you will want to stop for
a coffee or a bite to eat..



  1. Thanks for the little tour...I would definitely stop for something to eat in each shop! Delicious!

  2. Anne these are great photos. Anything that is free has to be enjoyed but this looks excellent. Diane x

  3. I think your Henry Philip Hope might be this one who owned The Hope Pearl?
    I like the painting of him.

  4. *sigh* I'd love to be able to drop everything and do just that - wander...

  5. Anne, I thank you for stopping by my blog and your very dear comments. HOnestly, I so infrequently blog that I am simply thankful anyone stops by and then am excited (probably too excited) when anyone comments. I do miss Paris, and it appears, finances-wise that we will not travel abroad for some years. So I will enjoy her through my dear blog buddies who love her(Paris) too. I still remember the feeling when I discovered the Marais...I say discovered because I was in Paris without a guide book and no idea of this neighborhood's history...the first thought....simply lovely and so "old" Paris. Thank you for sharing.

  6. It has been far too long (8 years) since I was last in Paris. You are giving me a real hankering to return. Certainly before it gets to 10 years anyway!

  7. love your blog, I'll never get to paris but I can see a little of it through your eye's...have a super day!

  8. I haven't been to the Cognacq-Jay museum in years. I love it along with the Jacquemart-André and the Nissim de Camundo museum. It's fun peeking in the hotel particuliers.

  9. Great Anne! and thank you for a sweet ending, with a tour to the Patisserie and!



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