Saturday, 22 August 2009

Holiday Time ........

as found me taking a trip over to France. In fact Paris...woohoo...I have been given the great opportunity to look after a friends apartment and their cats!! I had hoped that my friend Caroline could of come with me again..but it was not too be.

I have been here two days with my friends, to get used to it all, and the cats, and find my way round the area...and now they are off on their holidays, so it is just me and the lovely little cats..!!

I met up Leesa and Alex (her husband) last night, it was a fun night.. !! Met another blogger, Animesh too!..We had a little get together, it was brilliant! I am meeting up with the rest of my friends over the next week, which will be great.

So Lets say this is one of my greatest achievements....Never for one moment did I ever think I would be in Paris on my own, making my way I went to the market for my fruits et légumes..oh it was fun!

Sorry no photos at the moment, hopefully will have some up soon, otherwise you will have to wait until I return...!

Photo taken from the Internet.


  1. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time :-)

  2. Good for you being brave enough to do it on your own. Have a wonderful time and take a lot of pictures.

  3. Hey Anne!

    So glad you made it over the pond!! Hehe... It will be a fun vacation and you'll have a great chance to explore Paris now for a bit longer than the last time... See you on Monday!!

    Have a great time... Leese

  4. Hi Anne,
    Way to go !
    You can count me in for Monday; I'm so looking forward to it. We will see as we get long for the rest of the week.

    Happy weekend in Paris- Wooo !

  5. Oooh, lucky you! Enjoy, enjoy, and eat some French pastries for me, will you?

  6. that is LOVELY.

    My little trips are NOTHING like that!!

  7. Sounds like great fun! Enjoy.

  8. Good for you Anne, now you see what you can do on your own! Lovely! Enjoy every moment...

  9. Have a wonderful time Anne. How lucky you are! How long will you stay?
    I am looking forward to follow you through blogging and twitter.

  10. Sounds like funtimes!
    Can't wait to see photos!

  11. Oh to be apartment sitting in Paris. If only..... Have a great time enjoying the city.


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