Thursday, 6 September 2007

The African Albino Clawed Frog

Sally's post on the Naked Mole Rat prompted me to show this ugly animal....

When Arni and I were down in Bournemouth we stopped in at the Aquarium Shop, and this was in one of the tanks.


  1. Hi WL I can reassure you he was not cute at all !!!! In fact rather scary.

  2. I used to love going into pet shops and aquariums withe the kids, they are too old now, but it was fun. I like seeing these odd looking creatures.

  3. Hi Anne! It is great the way you'ev provided links to "you might enjoy" posts ... I found this one and agree he's ugly!

    I am so NOT a reptile 'afficionado' - UGH. The last time we visited Clive's mum there was a gross blue-tongue lizard outside her front door. They used to hang out by our pool at my old house too. UGH UGH UGH.

    Anyway I am now going back to your BEAUTIFUL Italy posts!

    Cheers ...

  4. Hi Carolyn..yes the links to "you might enjoy" posts,is great. I found on Chez Loulous blog. If you want to add it, just click on my link to it.

    In total agreement, way to UGLY, not my idea of good viewing...!!!

    Thank you for the lovely comment about photos of Italy..:-)
    take Care.


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