Friday, 6 April 2007

Shop Opening Hours in England.

Sorry but this is going to be a gripe....but what is wrong with this country....why is it that we open our shops at all hours and people still moan. I was working today and you would of thought that an invasion was about to happen...not that we were going to be closed for ONE day and that day is Easter Sunday. And just how much can these people consume!!!!!!

This country is getting greedier and greedier by the day....we should be closed for Good Friday, maybe open on Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday...and then at least families can get together to spend most of the Easter holidays together...They say here that the Family Unit is splitting up...or that they don;t spend enough time together....Pray I ask..why is that???

Because firstly everyone has forgotten the meaning of Easter....and Secondly...because everything is going up all the time..Mortgages, Council name two...and last but not least Greed on behalf of the Companies. So people have to work to pay their bills.

Everyone managed years ago when we didn;t even open on Sundays...let alone 8am - 9pm

Sorry to my friends that regularly look at my blog...but I am incensed.
Wishing you all a very HAPPY EASTER.


  1. Hello Anne! I just bumped in to this text randomly. I quite agree with what you have written. Many people say to us "Happy Easter!" , I ask myself if these people really know what Easter is all about... Let us pray for these people and rejoice! Our savior has risen!!!

  2. Hello Marco....What a lovely comment, thank you. Great surprise to hear from Portugal!!

    Happy Easter to you.

  3. It won't be many years before the same happens in Germany. Here Friday and Monday is a holiday. Sunday everything is closed except for the bakery. Saturday is a normal shopping day. Retailers would like to see shops open all of the time, but they haven't been successful...yet.

  4. Hi, Annie. Good for you to have a gripe about it! My parents used to run a newsagent's shop in Bristol and my Dad used to say, "It doesn't matter what time you say you will close: if it's 5.30 someone will come in at 5.29. If it's 18.00 someone will come in at 17.59... and so on". I often grumble about shop hours here and the 1pm closure but in a way, they have got their priorities right - nothing is more important than that "family time".

  5. PS, Annie. Forgot to say BUONA PASQUA!

  6. This was the argument against Sunday trading that was so vehemently waged by many Christians and sensible folk before the retail world went mad Anne. Both my sons have worked in retail, one is now in the pub industry, and I know how the hours affect their lives. It also made a big hole in what family life was left when they became working adults.

    There seems to be no easy answer except to note that when I was a girl, my mother relied on food tradespeople who called to the house (a married quarter on an RAF camp in the middle of nowhere)regularly. We've all valued the development of hypermarkets but many are now supporting farm shops etc. Maybe we will turn back the clocks and sense will prevail. Maybe.

  7. Hi Shirl

    Thank you for your comment...I used to rely on the Naafi when living on a married quarter in the middle of nowhere..and if I didn;t have something...tough, just waited until the shop opened.

    Steve G...thank you as well...thats exactly as it should be....I just hope it doesn;t change.

    WL...thanks to you as well, you used to live in Wales...and were used to the hours you are entitled to a little grumble about the hours in Sicily...but I know where I would rather be!!!!

  8. Hi Shirl...didn't mean my comment to sound harsh...what I meant was...I know just what its like to rely on something ie tradespeople..but it was worse in the days when you were a child, because Raf camps were really out in the sticks...Sorry.


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