Saturday, 24 February 2018

Tarvit Ponds CUPAR Fife.

 On 2nd January 2018 , I took the whole
week off and did a trip to Scotland to spend
time with eldest grandson. We always go walking , whether it
a beach , woods or even the city.
My eldest grandson took me for a walk around
in Cupar. Something you would not expect to find ..
AND we nearly didn't have it to look at because FIFE
Council wanted to BUILD houses on it...
What a devastation that would of been,  not only the Wildlife
but for the people/children of Cupar. Luckily it was saved.
I think this would be a great place to visit in the Spring .
Tarvit ponds is an interesting greenspace. It’s character is defined by the relics and remnants of the designed landscape that was built around the Old Tarvit House (demolished 1963).
The ‘hidden’ garden comprises of ponds, stream, bridges, an old ice house, old yew trees and the (3.5m high approx) old garden wall which forms the northern boundary of the site. A network of paths lead around the old gardens and links to nearby housing and paths out to surrounding countryside. The part of the greenspace closest to the road and houses comprises of mown grass with play area and mini/kickabout pitch.
There is excellent signage/interpretation and the space is actively managed for wildlife with bird boxes and decks next to ponds to allow easy access to watch waterfowl.
Home to MANY birds ..

Spring has come a bit early...

Fabulous  Insect/Bug Home ..
Diane - Do you remember the Insect house we saw in

And another HUGE one
I remember the first time I saw a Bug home,
it was in France with my friends Diane and Nigel..

I tried to find more information , just to find out what "Tarvit" actually is , cannot find anything. I was thinking that Tarvit was a village !!
There did used to be a house too.

Fabulous walk ...

Big thanks to my tour guide Aidan ♥♥♥


  1. Of course I remember the bug house when we were together, there are now quite a few around. Those look really good ones. It would have been a disaster if it had all been built over, so glad the area was saved and the bugs, birds and small animals still have a place to live.
    Take care and enjoy Sunday Diane xox

    1. Didn't think you had forgotten :-) Yes so glad it was saved .. they now have a fab place for nature and walks. Take Care Anne xx

  2. It looks like a great to go for a walk. The first time I saw a bug hotel was in my local Attingham Park.

    1. Hello CherryPie , hope you are well. Certainly was a great walk , would be great to go back when Spring is here , see birds and flowers etc. Arent the just great, Bug Hotels. :-) take care xx


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