Tuesday 20 February 2018

Few Hours at the Beach in Winter ..Fife , Scotland

In January I went to  
Cupar in Fife  
to see my
eldest grandson Aidan (14)
We had a great time together ,
mostly at the beach. 
This day we went to
(click on link above to read about this town)
Nothing beats a good walk on a beach and SEA GLASS
hunting.  We did really well this day.
Aidan on the beach..
I just noticed the changes in the sky ♥

Aidan's mum and little sister. 

Changing colours and clouds..

And finally the
Clare had to stop the car , I had to get out and take this.

Hope you enjoyed this post . Not many words -


  1. On the beach I do not imagine much sunbathing was in progress LOL. Magical sky shots Anne well done, nothing to beat a good sunset. Hope all is well take care Diane and Nigel xx

    1. Hello Diane , You are spot on !! We were so wrapped up , the winds were so cold but we did have good walk and some Sea Glass collecting , Aidan liked it but his little sister loved it, she was so good at it. Happy you like my Sky shots too. I was determined to get at least on Sunset photo. I just thought I would just put all my photos together , they were taken on the same day. Hope all is well with you too. I will write soon and fill you in , Take care Love Anne (to you both) xx

    2. We collected masses of sea glass while in Nevis. The people we stay with make mosaic tiles, mats etc with it and she has a hanging one as well, they look great, Diane xx

    3. Hi Diane , WOW that does sound amazing to have that around you for collection , must have masses to be able make all the mats and tiles etc ,, how wonderful. I am sure they look great. Sorry I have just found this comment , take care Anne xx


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