Saturday, 7 October 2017

For All Car Enthusiasts ..

Whilst in Malta I came across
a leaflet for a

I didn't really want to go to Buggiba as it is a bit too touristy and British for my liking..
BUT  I did want to see the Collection.
I took the bus from Mosta (which I was visiting for the Famous Church)

I watched a DVD about the Mille Miglia , Now I really want
to go and see this, which I hope to next year , we shall see.

 So here are just few from the collection.  They also have other
memorabilia from different eras ..Blues Brothers , Juke Boxes , Bikes etc . You can have a cup of coffee and watch the Dvd too.

I really enjoyed it . And then I caught the bus back to Mosta and after looking around there , I headed back to Valetta for Lunch and a Beer.



  1. Great post and some interesting vehicles, but no porsches :-)

    Hope all is well, have a great week love from us both Diane and Nigel xx

  2. Hello Diane and Nigel , I know , I was on the look out for your Porsches ..:-( Thanks , glad you liked the post. Have a great week too.. sorry I haven't written , will do this week. Love Anne xx

  3. Husband would have enjoyed that. Not me though, I'm afraid.


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