Thursday, 30 November 2017

First full day in Malta started here ..

Qrendi , where my cousins live..
And I absolutely love it..

FULL of Character and little lanes ..lots to see.

Just what I wanted to see, feels so DIFFERENT TO

It has little shops too , Buses to Valetta and other places.
Qrendi is a small village in the Southern Region of Malta, with a population of 2752 people as of March 2014. It is located close to Mqabba and Żurrieq. Within its boundaries are two well-known Neolithic temples called Mnajdra and Ħaġar Qim

My cousin dropped me here at St Matthew's Chapel, I 
then looked around and slow walk back to their house ( so more photos to come) 

This little place is worth a visit.  

The church of St Matthew ..

The church of St Matthew dates its origins to 1674. It is important not to confuse this church with the medieval and smaller chapel of St Matthew located just on the right hand side of the church. The larger church was finished by 1682. The church was blessed by the parish priest of Qrendi Dumink Formosa on September 12, 1683.

On April 12, 1942 the church suffered extensive damage to the point of nearly collapsing as a result of a direct hit by Nazi bombs during World War II, it being so close to the nearby military airfield. The church was repaired by architect S. Privitera. A new facade was built and two small belfries were built instead of the central belfry

Always looking for an interesting photo :-)
Also just look how clean it all is.. ( Amazing) 

This is just 3 of them.
One very interesting fact is that THEY DO NOT SELL THEM



"Il-Maqluba" located at Qrendi in Malta means "the upside down" or "upturned". It is a doline or sinkhole which have formed after a natural cave have collapsed. It have formed a hole with a depth of 15m and a perimeter of 300m.

The cave at "Il-Maqluba" is beleived to have collapsed in 1343 after Malta have experienced one of its most severe winter storms ever, possibly accompanied by an earthquake. This is a natural depression formed by the collapse of the underlying limestone strata, known as a doline in geological language. It is now a sinkhole, collecting rainwater from a three mile radius. This water is much needed to cater the needs of its thick vegetation whilst allowing its access supply to penetrate the rock formation helping to maintain underground water supplies.

This was as close as I could get .. !!!!
More photos to come of Qrendi.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

This time in Rabat....Malta

Everyday I took myself off
somewhere new on the bus .
This day I caught the bus to Rabat,
little bit of confusion as where to catch the
bus in Qrendi but sorted it out and ended up going
to Zurrieq first , no problem.

The bus took us around the coastal line to
Dingli  and then Rabat. Loved using the buses.

Rabat (Maltese: Ir-Rabat, [ɪrˈrɐbɐt]) is a town in the Northern Region of Malta, with a population of 11,497 as of March 2014. The name of the town is derived from the Arabic word for 'suburb': الرباط, as it was the suburb of the old capital Mdina.

I just walked and took photos ♥

I came across a lovely little chapel (see photos below)  , which
sadly has fallen in to sad times and they are
trying to raise money for the Renovations.
An elderly gentleman and his young grandson (about age 11)
were telling  me all about it .  The boy was so great
and knowledgeable, I see a Tour guide and more in the making.
This is the
Santa Maria Ta' Doni
I wish I could find out more ..

Really does need help with funds for Renovation ..

Love this little Shoemakers ♥


See the wall plague at the end ♥

Around every corner there is something to see


I had no idea who this was but a very interesting story (glad I did now)
The Bust Below is of ...
Michael Spiteri, known as Kilin, left a literary heritage that will now be enjoyed by the Maltese people. Kilin’s seven children have worked tirelessly so that their father will be given the honour he deserves.
Kilin, who died eight years ago at the age of 91, will now be remembered with a bust inaugurated at the entrance of the Rabat primary school where he received his initial formal education. The bust is the work of sculptor Joseph Scerri from Rabat. Michael Spiteri will be best remembered for his fine writings, mostly in articles in newspapers and the many literary works he published, such as his best known ‘Fuq l-Ghajn ta’ San Bastjan’ in which he recounts his childhood memories in Rabat. Kilin also published a considerable amount of books including novels, poetry and about his favourite subject – environment.
Kilin’s commemoration took place on the initiative of his children and the assistance of Minister Evarist Bartolo and author Trevor Zahra.
 (All information above was taken from the Web)

I decided to go to the Catacombs as I was here,
pretty eerie walking around by yourself but I did it!!!

Rabat is home to the famous Catacombs of St. Paul and of St. Agatha. These catacombs were used in Roman times to bury the dead as, according to Roman culture, it was unhygienic to bury the dead in the city Mdina and parts of Rabat were built on top of an ancient Roman city. The Maltese Catacombs were never meant to be hiding places during persecutions or as living quarters.

They were filming down in the Catacombs , for a tv
programme , the presenter was the otherside of the camera.

This is just a short tour of Rabat , I hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

For All Car Enthusiasts ..

Whilst in Malta I came across
a leaflet for a

I didn't really want to go to Buggiba as it is a bit too touristy and British for my liking..
BUT  I did want to see the Collection.
I took the bus from Mosta (which I was visiting for the Famous Church)

I watched a DVD about the Mille Miglia , Now I really want
to go and see this, which I hope to next year , we shall see.

 So here are just few from the collection.  They also have other
memorabilia from different eras ..Blues Brothers , Juke Boxes , Bikes etc . You can have a cup of coffee and watch the Dvd too.

I really enjoyed it . And then I caught the bus back to Mosta and after looking around there , I headed back to Valetta for Lunch and a Beer.