Friday, 18 October 2013

A blogger meet up in July 2013 - In Paris..

We finally met!!

So great to meet up, we had a fab time .
Also to see Paris in the eyes of someone new.

♥ ♥ ♥
Linda of Frenchless in France and I have
been trying to meet up for ages but it never happened
until this year .. Timings were wrong before..
In one of the secret little nooks Linda knows !
We started off by meeting at Place de Clichy (little bit of a mix up) but
all was sorted after we communicated by mobile ..
We walked (what other way do you see Paris) for miles..

Statue of Georges Danton
The  Statue de Danton, by Auguste Paris was erected in front
of Odeon,  Paris, in 1889 for the centennial celebration of the French revolution.

Love the end of these buildings , such a super idea!!

Fancy a café or vino  sitting here? I would.

Years ago the street names used to be etched into the
stone walls .. but that all changed and so did the arrondissements..  

Before 1860

On 11 October 1795, Paris was divided into twelve arrondissements. They were numbered from west to east, with numbers 1-9 situated on the Right Bank of the Seine, and 10-12 on the Left Bank.
Each arrondissement was subdivided into four quartiers, which corresponded to the 48 original districts created in 1790.

After 1860

On 1 January 1860, new territory was defined to be within the city by Napoleon III. The previous twelve arrondissements were rearranged with this new territory to become the present twenty.


 I have tried to find these streets on google but no joy
(I will continue to look)
But as you see it does say the 19th but we were
no where near there..


Love the shape !

We headed to Saint Sulpice , Roman Catholic Church..
the second largest church in the city..


Yep!! This is the ceiling !!

What we do to get a great shot.


In 1727 Jean-Baptiste Languet de Gergy, then priest of Saint-Sulpice, requested the construction of a gnomon in the church as part of its new construction, to help him determine the time of the equinoxes and  Easter A meridian line of brass was inlaid across the floor and ascending a white marble obelisk, nearly eleven metres high, at the top of which is a sphere surmounted by a cross. The obelisk is dated 1743.
In the south transept window a small opening with a lens was set up, so that a ray of sunlight shines onto the brass line. At noon on the winter solstice (21 December), the ray of light touches the brass line on the obelisk. At noon on the equinoxes (21 March and 21 September), the ray touches an oval plate of copper in the floor near the altar.
Constructed by the English clock-maker and astronomer Henry Sully, the gnomon was also used for various scientific measurements: This rational use may have protected Saint-Sulpice from being destroyed during the French Revolution

This information was taken from the internet ..

This is my photo , close up of the brass meridian line ... which goes across the
floor and up the white obelisk,
Taken from the interet , as the church is really dark .. but you can see the Obelisk in
the back ground 
This is just a small part of our day out .. will be back with more!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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  1. Bonjour Anne,
    Clapping my hands! I loved this!
    That is great to have the little details like the different types of street designations, statues and yes, churches.
    So beautiful and we all enjoy blogger meet ups.

    bon week end. xox

    1. Bonjour Barbara ,, Thank you hunny ,, I try to add a little bit more to Paris trip posts. Paris without a visit to a church , not sure that would happen , Yes we all enjoy meet ups , after all that is how we met :-)

      Bon Weekend xoxo hugs.

  2. Lovely post Anne and so glad that you managed to meet up. I really need to have a bit more time in Paris one day and see some of the places not on the normal tourist route! Have a great weekend. Diane xxox

    1. Thank you Diane , yes for a few years we kept trying and then of course I did not go for two years (ankle and illness) but we made it .. Just give me shout , I will be there with you on a Paris tour :-) ,, Barbara , Brigitte (both live in Paris) love to seek out non tourist places ,, I have a list and books too ,, Have a great weekend xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Linda , it sure was fun day , especially as you know some super places to seek out :-) big thanks x

  4. Thankyou for putting all the work that I know you have done into this interesting post about Paris, I enjoyed my virtual visit.

    1. Hello Linda, thank you so much , I love adding detail if I can (just like you) happy you enjoyed the virtual visit, x

  5. Hi Linda , thank you so much , I love adding more detail if I can (just like you) ,, happy you enjoyed you virtual visit. x

  6. What fun to see such a completely different side of Paris than the one I typically experience and write about. Merci beaucoup for showing me the city through a fresh lens!

    1. Thank you Aurelia , yes so different to what you normally see.. All my friends in Paris have different eye and also live in different areas :-) which is great.

  7. Hi Anne. It's always great to see any City from a different perspective, isn't it?! Super photos as always. The interior of Churches are just amazing I always find. So much detail everywhere. Interesting to read all the little snippets about Paris as well! I'm glad you finally got the post up, as I know you were having trouble with the photos.

    1. Hi Diane , glad you enjoyed , so great to see different places and with new friends , yes I did have problems and now hopefully all sorted, I cannot wait to show you more,

  8. What a lovely and informative post!

    1. Thank you Paul ,more to come , hope you enjoy those too,

  9. Such an amazing city to visit! I hope to see it myself someday!

    1. Hi Ola, I hope that you get to Paris too , sure you would love it as much as I do :-)

  10. What a great time you had together!

    1. Hi Liz , we had a great day , more to come , we were together most of the day :-)

  11. It's always fantastic to meet fellow bloggers, but especially amazing to do so in Paris. I've managed to meet two internet friends in person on my last two trips. Thanks for even more info on the change of arrondissements, I love learning about Paris. I walked around the 6th a lot last trip, and didn't manage to notice these! There's so much to see, I shall have to keep my eyes peeled next time.


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