Sunday, 3 March 2013

So much more to see in Rouen ......

It seems to me that everyone would like to go to Rouen...
Either on a return trip or for the first time...
Wouldn't it be fun to do a trip there ...
Well I think so ..
On one of our walks
we went to the
Notre dame catheral

Please click on this first photo, and then you will see
them all , more clearly .♥
we couldn't get in on this day
(so more to come)

We took a stroll around the back
and found a little gathering
and a band playing ..

lots more to see, Enjoy. ♥♥♥ 


  1. Anne, Great details in these photos. I would love to visit Rouen.

  2. Lovely photos Anne. To think I drive past here so regularly and have got lost there so many times as well and I have never see anything there!! I am enjoying your tour. Keep well Diane

  3. We pass through or by at least six times each year but haven't yet stopped.
    One day we'll find the time!
    Great photographs to tempt us.

  4. Yes, I'm enjoying the tour as well, Anne! Love that Cathedral and lovely photos to tempt us!

  5. Your photos are bringing back memories :-) I would love to visit again.

  6. Bonjour Anne,
    Yay!! Count me in :).
    Rouen is a very inspiring city. I hope to go there again.

  7. Anne,another enjoyable virtual tour, just what I needed. :)

  8. Wow. I mean, WOW! I would love to see that in real life, it looks just amazing! Thank you for sharing these pictures, Anne!

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  11. Hi Anne...thank you for visiting me the other day...I forgot how lovely this blog of always makes me want to travel around! Hope your weekend is going well. oxoxo


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