Monday 5 September 2011

Our walk in pictures..... Paris ...

As you can imagine, I cannot remember
all of where we went or all of what we saw.

It was a fabulous day ... that is what counts.

I hope you enjoy the photos that I  took whilst walking with Karin.

click on this photo to enlarge.

I love seeing the bands just on the bridge....!!
I could sit, listen and people watch for hours.



  1. Hi Anne. Gorgeous second lot of photos of your walk with Karen. So many wonderful things all around you. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Anne you certainly have an eye for a good photo. These are all excellent. Love all your photos. Keep well, Diane xx

  3. Hi Anne, those pictures are lovely and I so agree, I could just sit and listen to those kind of bands for ages...

    Hope you're well and had a good weekend - I actually went through Oxfordshire yesterday (on the way back from Shropshire with the bikes) and thought of you ;-)

    Have a great week xo

  4. Your photos are stunningly beautiful Anne, just like Paris is :-)

  5. Your post has really made me want to go back to Paris again, but it will have to wait for the time being. Hope all is well with you. x

  6. You must come and write about our lovely buildings and buskers in Cambridge.

  7. Hi Anne, lovely posts I have really enjoyed my walks around Paris with you and Karen. It is such fun swapping virtual tours, glad you liked Bolsena!

  8. It makes me want to move there.
    Beautiful photos.

  9. Hi Anne,
    Great pictures!
    We had some good walks too, didn't we? The best thing is we make a "happening" along the way; discover little places or events.

    We shall do it again one day :)

  10. Hi Anne,
    Lovely pictures, such beautiful buildings :)


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