Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Our walk continues .....

Amazing sculpturing.!!

The  July Column.. (Colonne de Julliet)
Place de Bastille.
The column was was created by Jean-Antoine Alavoine 
It is made of bronze and stands 52 meters tall.

The Bastille  was a fortress, formerly
known as Bastille Saint-Antoine and used
as a prison.  All that remains now are paving stones
and remnants in the road too! (hope I got this right).

Spirit of Liberty called the "Génie de la Liberté"

Fancy a game of Petanque... which is a form of boules. 
The goal is  to stand inside a starting circle with
 both feet on the ground,
and  throw hollow
 metal balls as close as
possible to a small wooden ball called
a cochonnet (piglet)
or a jack!!


  1. Ya know, I'm getting to that age where Petanque actually looks like fun. Where has my youth gone?
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Wishing I was walking there now.... It's such an amazing city to take in as you stroll.

  3. Wonderful photos again my friend. That walk must have been so lovely for you, with photo opportunities at every turn! Isn't all that sculpturing fantastic!

  4. As always great phots. I quite like petanque but have not played for a while. I have to say I am useless at it LOL. Diane

  5. I used to play plastic boules as a child. I bought my dad a metal set which we play when we visit him in Ireland.

  6. Hi Anne,

    Do you remember when we came back from quai de Bercy and came across a group of young men in suits playing pétanque? :)

    I have never played pétanque...

    I regret that there is not much more left over from la Bastille than paving blocks and a road(you taught me the last one!)


  7. what an architecture, they care for each single detail!

  8. My favorite is the petanque too. I don't visit a country for the sightseeing, but to soak in the culture. The details on those buildings is amazing though. I guess that's part of the culture too.

  9. Love that architecture. I will have to find that road.


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