Tuesday 6 July 2010

Two wonderful friends ......

Bank Holiday Monday
3rd May 2010
St Pancras Station
on OUR way

Leesa and Barbara had
just spent the weekend with
myself and Arni. We all
throughly enjoyed the time together,
and Arni got to meet my friends.

They wanted to see

the delights of OXFORD!

Unfortunately the weather was not kind to us!

But the GALS had lots of FUN together!!

More fun was yet to come
as I was
going with them to PARIS
and staying with
Leesa and Alex. ♥♥

I got my posts mixed up...this was meant to be the first of the Paris trip , never mind.

Do you like the little clothes line divider..? Hope so, this and more were

designed by Noor .. So Sweet Designs, the lovely lady who did my

header for me ♥


  1. I have got so much catching up to do and the comments are disappearing as fast as I type them.
    I will be back to read and comment properly just testing for you as requested, to see if it disappears as yours to me did!!!
    Fingers crossed x

  2. Awww...that's such a sweet photo of the gals. You all most definitely had a great time with those smiles on their faces. Good for you!

  3. Hi Rowena thank you, we had such a laugh :-) We arrived quite early for the Eurostar, but no problem for us.. went on our laptops and had coffee :-)

  4. Have laptop will travel, think of all the new friends we are making this way these days :)

  5. What did we do before we traveled with laptops? ;-)
    Lovely picture, I like the joy in your faces and the thoroughly modern look of the station.

  6. Happy photo and you all had a great time. I love your little clothes line divider - so cute- and your pics of Notre Dame beautiful!
    Dianne xx

  7. Bonjour Anne,

    Wow... how time has flown!
    Yes, we had a great time and I would gladly do a short ladie's trip again another time.
    Thanks for sharing, mon amie.

  8. No matter what the order you went with good friends and had fun!!!
    Thanks again for your help Anne.


  9. A lovely photo of the girls the divider is great :-)

  10. Looks like you are having fun! Notre Dame was my favorite place to hang out with my friends :)
    The pictures are my old house. Yes, it was crazy big. Now our new house is 3 time smaller and i love it.

  11. I love spending time with friends, such a treat!

    And the divider is adorable :-)

  12. Lovely photo - like the clothesline, too!

  13. What a nice memory!!! I've no doubts you had a special time together! Love the clothes line and your banner too...so cool!
    Have a nice week end!

  14. Anne, Lucky you. I want to live close enough to visit Paris at least once a year. Maybe twice a year. How often do you go to Paris?

  15. I think I recognize those two good friends. Hugs to all of you.

  16. Sounds like a knees up there. :)

  17. That's a cute pic. I'm only now getting a little caught up on reading blogs! Glad you had so much fun with Barbara and Leesa. Leesa and I went to an Al Green concert last night in Paris!!! It was great. I'm going to see her again, and Barbara too, on Bastille Day, yay!
    Bon weekend!

  18. You always make me jealous! The last time I was in Paris is a godzillion years ago...and I so wish I could just pop over to Paris for a weekend like you. Happy week ahead Anne :)


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