Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Square Jean XXIII - Paris

After Barbara and I
had walked around
we took a stroll round to

The Square Jean XXIII is situated on the southern and eastern sides of the cathederal Notre Dame, on the river side as well as behind it. The Square was named in honour of Pope John XXIII, who was pope from 1958 - 1963.

There are shaded benches which make it a great place to take in the views and maybe have picnic!
We had a break and
then went off to meet
Brigitte ! This was the first
time for me, so very exciting!
And I know that Brigitte and Barbara
had not seen each other in a long
time, so lots of chatting to do!!


  1. I'm really glad to these photos. Last time I was in Paris it was snowing so heavily I missed out on seeing this beautiful area behind the Notre Dame. It would be lovely to visit and have a picnic, you're so right!

  2. you certainly filled your time well :-)

  3. I remember sitting in that area by Notre Dame many years ago now, twelve I think! Must go back sometime.

  4. The first photographs gives a amazing perspective to Notredame. Just beautiful. Please do see some of my pic of france at

  5. I discover your blog... and I'm really glad about it! I'll come back soon.


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