Monday 5 July 2010

A little bit of Paris .. Notre Dame de Paris

My lovely friend Barbara and I met up
for the day,
to do a bit of sightseeing, we
decided to go to Notre Dame, which
I had seen from the outside
but never had time to go
in before. Barbara had not been for
a long long time,
so a perfect choice!!

We had also thought about going up for a
walk around the Bell Tower
but is was very windy and not
all that warm!

A lovely way to spend time with Barbara ..

A time for Reflection.


  1. When we went into Notre Dame, it was so crowded one could hardly move. I'd love to go back some day when I could really see all it has to offer.

  2. The climb up the tower is so worth the huffing and puffing. One of the best views in Paris.

  3. Hi Leslie Yes I think you must try and get back, really hope you do. So much to see.:-)

    Hello Linda, such a shame I know, but it was long queues .. very windy and not that warm.. another thing to do when I return :-) keep the list going!!

  4. Oooh, Paris = Great. The photos of the windows are so so beautiful, Anne. All your pictures give a really good impression.
    Hugs to you always, do enJOY your week round the house, I always love love to be round the house.

  5. Loved seeing you there Anne! Thanks for bring me back. Did you light a candle?


  6. Gorgeous! You're braver than I am, though -- I don't like the steps going up to the top so in recent years have happily had a coffee at ground level while others do the climb!

    My husband and son went up together once and I got some good photos of them up there waving down at me :)

    Cheers xxoo

  7. I've been looking forward to your next post. I love the Notre Dame, last time we were there it was snowing and a bus filled with children came to visit. Your pictures are great, unfortunately mine turned out all black and blurry.

  8. Anne, your pic in front of Notre Dame is great. YOu look very Frenchy with the dark coat and tights and boots. Tres chic. Again thank you for the glimpses of your trip and sharing it with us.

  9. Tres chic (you girl) and beautiful (you and the cathedral). I have not been to Paris yet, so I love the glimpses I catch here. Merci!

  10. I was in Paris last year, blissfully cut off from all media. When I went to Notre Dame, they were setting up the memorial service for the Air France crash victims. It was very surreal. Your pictures are great!

  11. I really should go back to Notre Dame :-)

  12. Thanks for the reminder of how lovely it is. Yes, you look très chic!

  13. Anne,

    Thank you for remembering this outing. I will have to admit that I pass by more than I go inside.I had to have Anne come to Paris to take the time and admire this again.


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