Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Answer is.............................................

Riomaggiore Cinque Terre .....well done to Erin from The Olive Notes...Who got it spot on...!!!

Thanks everyone for your guesses :-)

No wonder Erin got it spot on.....check this out ...Riomaggiore...nearly the exact same picture..and erin took this herself...in 2008, same year my card was made :-) :-)

Monday, 29 June 2009

Where in Italy......

A few weeks ago my husband bought me this wonderful card....didn't write in it, just thought I would like it...should frame it really, put it in my kitchen...!!

Have a guess which village it is...!!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Supper Inspiration…….

I sometimes have to think long and hard about what we are going to eat for supper….

Most days before I have started any work in the house, I make a coffee, go to the computer and look at Google Reader, have quick glance, see who is posting what and there it was…Pasta Puttanesca by My Bella Vita…..I had all the ingredients, and the Anchovies were from our holiday in Liguria.CIMG2207


Sometimes you just need a little bit of help….it was delicious….Thanks to My Bella Vita..

Sunday, 14 June 2009

My Birthday Lunch...

last Thursday 11th June was at Carluccios, near Oxford castle...my husband had wanted to take me to Jamie Olivers, but it was packed, and would of been so hot in there. We also would of had to queue..I said, how about trying Carluccios, I had been there the week before and it was fab.

My other half (Arni)

We managed to get a table outside, it was very peaceful and not too hot, which was very good. Hubby was pleased that I had wanted to go here.

They did a Fixed Prix menu either £9 or £12..and you could add a glass of wine for £3..so worth it.

We had



Penne Alla Luganica

Trofie Al Pesto

It was delicious, so tasty and fresh, and great ingredients from Italy..Inside in the shop they had everything from Pesto, Olive Oils, to Chocolate and cakes. All from Liguria, Calabria, and Puglia..and other regions.

Oh and to make the lunch even better, ( I know I was with hubby) it was all served to us by ...

a lovely waiter who is from Florence

It is not often that my husband is at home and not at work. He works for Williams F1 team so is normally either travelling around, or at the factory getting his computer stuff ready for the next race!! Up until a few years, they would of been in Canada, on that date, but they do not race there anymore, and on June 11th 2006, The British GrandPrix was moved to that date..so I had a super day, with a Grandstand upgrade.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Poetry From Sicily.....

A few weeks ago I received a wonderful Poetry book from Sicily. My great friend Patrizia sent it to me..it was a complete surprise. I was amazed, and honoured, such beautiful poetry.

Patrizia was given the amazing opportunity to work with the author Antonio Lonardo..and translate the Poetry from Italian to English!! What a feat.. Can you imagine the pressures..and one of the difficulties is how the translation reads, it doesn't always make sense.. and the other would be to keep the flow of the poem together as it was written in the first place. Amazing and congratulations...!

Why not visit Patrizia's blog, Sicily Scene and read all about this and her fabulous trip to Florence where Antonio was a nominee for the Premio Internazionale di Poesia "Coluccio . And a Winner!!!! Patrizia was also awarded for her wonderful work.

Thank you so much, I will treasure it forever.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Our Last Morning in Paris.......

was quite sad, as we were having such a brilliant time, and had lots more to see..!!

So we packed up, and we made the most of our last few hours and headed off to a market we had been told about...I believe it was Marche Ave du President Wilson .

We couldn't believe the length of the market, it was brilliant, it was packed out with people and their Wheely Shoppers! How they choose which stalls to buy from is beyond me..there was so much choice.

We bought the Paella for our lunch.

Beautiful Flowers

We had wonderful weather all week, until today, when the rain started, so in a way, we were sort of pleased to be leaving that day..not much fun walking around in the wet..we made our way back to the apartment..tucked into our delicious Paella, sorted ourselves out and headed for Gare de Nord, to catch the train back to London. We got there a bit early, but it was fine. We didn't want to leave it til the last minute, as we were finding our own way there. Leesa and Dawn had met us...but we were like Pros...and we caught the bus.

Before going through Passport control, we managed a little bit of last minute shopping, and Caroline had a Chocolate Chaud, her favourite, and I had a lovely Verre de vin Blanc. All asked for in French, OK it is only two drinks, but understood straight away, I got a thumbs up from a lovely waiter..rounded our wonderful trip off nicely.

So a BIG THANK YOU to everyone, for making our trip so enjoyable and memorable..we will never forget it!!