Sunday, 14 June 2009

My Birthday Lunch...

last Thursday 11th June was at Carluccios, near Oxford husband had wanted to take me to Jamie Olivers, but it was packed, and would of been so hot in there. We also would of had to queue..I said, how about trying Carluccios, I had been there the week before and it was fab.

My other half (Arni)

We managed to get a table outside, it was very peaceful and not too hot, which was very good. Hubby was pleased that I had wanted to go here.

They did a Fixed Prix menu either £9 or £12..and you could add a glass of wine for £ worth it.

We had



Penne Alla Luganica

Trofie Al Pesto

It was delicious, so tasty and fresh, and great ingredients from Italy..Inside in the shop they had everything from Pesto, Olive Oils, to Chocolate and cakes. All from Liguria, Calabria, and Puglia..and other regions.

Oh and to make the lunch even better, ( I know I was with hubby) it was all served to us by ...

a lovely waiter who is from Florence

It is not often that my husband is at home and not at work. He works for Williams F1 team so is normally either travelling around, or at the factory getting his computer stuff ready for the next race!! Up until a few years, they would of been in Canada, on that date, but they do not race there anymore, and on June 11th 2006, The British GrandPrix was moved to that I had a super day, with a Grandstand upgrade.


  1. Happy Birthday Bella!
    I'm so glad you were born, that we met.
    Looks like your Arni treats you right!!!

    Love you!

  2. Ah Thank You Constance, that is so sweet.... I am pleased and happy that we met too..:-)

    Arni does treat me right!!! It was fabulous..

    Hugs Anne xox

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Sorry I'm a bit late, didn't know it was your bday last week.

    Looks like you had a great day...

  4. Happy Birthday sweet sixteen!! All the best for the future.

  5. Great time!! Nice to see your hubby on your blog, too! Cute! Looks like you had a very delicious meal and some great memories! Happy B-day again!
    Hugs, Leese

  6. Wow, by the looks of things I should take my daughter there for some eye candy.
    Glad that you had a great day!

  7. Twas your birthday - happiness to you.

  8. Wishing you Many Happy Returns!
    Lovely to meet you and thanks for stopping by my blog- any friend of Sally at Casalba and Shirley Valentine is mine too.

  9. Happy Birthday :-)

    It looks like you had a great Birthday lunch.

  10. The penne looks good. Has your husband tried Italian food in Melbourne on his F1 travels?

  11. Andrea - ah thanks, yes it was a lovely day, and sunny too!!

    Philip - Thank you , yes sweet sixteen,thats close ha ha

    Leesa - Fantastic time, Oh hubby doesn't know he is on here !! Great memories, was delicious. hugs Anne

    Scintilla - Oh yes some eye candy, he was, and soooo sweet :-)

    James - Thank you for calling by again :-) it was great.

    Gabi - thank you for stopping bye here too, we can all be friends now :-) oh and Shirley Valentines :-)

    Cherrypie - Hi yes it was a super day, sun was out , great food, and hubby too!

    David - Hi David , thank you for visiting and commenting on my post My birthday lunch...We had a fantastic meal thanks...

    Just asked my husband, he said he hasn't had Italian only Indian he and friends go to South Melbourne Curry Club...the meal was absolute delicious....think they go there everytime they are in melbourne. Maybe you could recommend some places..they stay at Bay View on the Park ...!

  12. Anne, a belated but heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    It's great you had such a wonderful time with your hubby, and lovely to see his photo, too :)

    I think of you (and Arni) every time I hear a Formula 1 news report. So glad you were together on your special day.

    Cheers and many more.

  13. Happy Birthday! It looks like it was a great meal. Have you ever eaten at Jamie Oliver's? I was wondering how it was.

  14. Happy Birthday Anne ^-^ I like to think that the waiter was the icing on the cake...what a hottie!

    But..but...but...where's the birthday cake??

  15. Oh, happy birthday for last week, anne! Glad you had husband with you for a great day. The meal looks lovely. And so does the waiter!

  16. Happy Birthday, Anne. Lucky you to eat at Carluccio's. I think he's great. Such a lovely person too. Is he still on the tv over there?

  17. Hi Anne,
    Oh; I missed your birthday :(

    Wishing you belated birthday greetings. Continued health & all the best.

    How nice to present Arni ! We finally get to see him ( unless I missed some photo shot). So nice of you, Monsieur, to treat your lady to a beautiful Italian meal.

    As for the last pic... he he. She is just admiring the supurb view :)

    Hugs XX

  18. Happy birthday very late. How lovely to see a pic of Arni. I'd love to go to Carluccio's - especially if that waiter is on duty!!

  19. sounds like you had a great birthday and ssoo nice to spend it with Arnie too :-)

  20. Sorry to have missed your birthday -- just now catching up. But it certainly looks as if you celebrated well. Sounds like you and your husband had a perfect afternoon together! Anyway happy late birthday!

    And didn't I see on a comment you left somewhere that you are coming back to France to catsit? When? For whom?


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