Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Answer is.............................................

Riomaggiore Cinque Terre .....well done to Erin from The Olive Notes...Who got it spot on...!!!

Thanks everyone for your guesses :-)

No wonder Erin got it spot on.....check this out ...Riomaggiore...nearly the exact same picture..and erin took this herself...in 2008, same year my card was made :-) :-)


  1. yay!

    you should do more guessing games :) That was fun.

    Here's a link to almost that exact photo I took:

  2. I have actually been there! One of the most beautiful places in Italy along the Cinque Terre!

  3. Thank you for posting that!

    I have seen so many variations of that photograph and each time, every caption just says "Italy" or "Coastal".. at last! I can plan the holiday :)

  4. Even though I've been there, I'm not sure I would have remembered. I probably have the same photo too.

  5. Anne - Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Sorry I didn't see your query about Riomaggiore or I'd have responded. It's such a picturesque place. I'll put your blog on my regular reading list now that I've discovered you.

  6. Hi Anne

    Oh just found this post ...I too went to my Italy album and found the same photo - back in 1997 for me...


    Happy days


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