Thursday, 18 June 2009


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  1. That is so beautiful :-) completely different to the poppies I have seen recently.

  2. Popp is the name of my wife! Of course, her name it comes from the ancient Greek name Kalliopi!

  3. I love these poppies. The opium poppy is illegal to grow in some countries but I let mine self-seed because I cannot bear to pull them out! The seed heads look great dried too.

  4. Hi Anne
    I had to call by and see your poppy as I have a daughter by that name
    This is a very special poppy - so different and beautiful...

    Happy days

  5. Beautiful picture! Finally, warm weather and sunshine!

  6. Oh, pure beauty.
    This colour is a favorite this summer :-)

    Is it from your garden?

  7. Hi Anne,
    That is exquisite ! Gorgeous color.
    I do like the name itself of Poppy. its's sounds bright & cheery.

  8. Lovely Anne!
    I've never seen this type of Poppy before.
    It simply stunning!


  9. They are stunning photos. I didn't know these were the opium poppies. If I grew these it would be for their beauty - don't want, and don't need to go on any Coleridge trip.

  10. Thank you everyone..I was totally amazed by this flower. I did not know until Scintilla told me it is an OPIUM is growing wild...

    Cherrypie - I haven't seen one before either, and I just happened to be walking a different route.. :-)

    Phivos - What a lovely but unusual name, I love it..:-)

    Scintilla - Opium or not I would let them self-seed too, they are gorgeous plants..

    Delwyn - thanks for calling over, ah sweet name ..yes very special too :-)

    Notes of Noel - Thanks Dawn, so pleased you liked my photo :-) glad to see you back on the computer too.

    Britt-Arnild - This is a fabulous colour, very beautiful..No I saw it growing wild on a walk.

    Barbara - Hi , It is a very bright and cheery plant, just right for the summer !! :-)

    WL - Thanks Pat, pleased you like it too.

    Rochambeau - Thank you, I was so happy with these photos, pleased you love it too :-) xxox Anne

    Casalba - Hi Sally, Oh yes your right , don't need a Coleridge trip..these are too beautiful to hide as well..Thank you pleased you enjoyed them :-)

  11. Great pictures!

    I love poppies! They’re popping up everywhere now!

  12. WOW!! That's utterly gorgeous, Anne!
    I'm back and getting ready to leave for the States in just a few days... Big hugs and have a great summer... See you on the blog! Leese


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