Friday 23 October 2009

Thank you to Trubes…..

for my lovely postcard from Costa Blanca, Spain. Di whose blog is Trubes, so kindly took my address, so she could join in the fun of sending postcards, and adding to my collection. A big Thank you ..a lovely surprise to come home to at the end of a days work.


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  1. Hi there Anne,

    It was so nice to hear from you today.You know that I'm still here.
    How wonderful for Trube's card ! Costa Rica... Mmmm, sounds just so exotic.
    See you very soon; you keep chin up too, honey.

  2. Sorry Anne...
    I got that wrong, Costa Blanca...
    Still sounding good to me :)

    Hi to Trubes too- I willl head down to your blog to learn more !!

  3. That's a goregous scene. Is it in Spain? I'll have to pop over to Trubes place. I want to meet her, too, when I come over next.

  4. Wow Anne,
    I am amazed at the expediency of the Spanish postal services, the postcard was only posted on the
    19th October 09.
    Unlike the ever failing and strike bound British system!
    Anyway, I'm pleased I brightened your day.
    I'll be writing about our holiday experience shortly, when I have some time.


  5. One could go all around Europe through your postcards!

  6. Sending and receiving postcards is such a great way to enjoy beautiful places.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I'm new to your blog and think collecting post cards is such fun. Every time I travel I send them- and I love getting them.

  8. You were lucky the postmen were working to bring you this card. Let's hope the strike finishes soon.

  9. you will soon have a million cards.... :-)

  10. Beautiful are so lucky :P

  11. Nice to see that some people still send real postcards!

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  13. Just the kind of sight one longs for on a late October day! :-)

  14. Trubes is great, isn't she? I must send you some more cards, too.

  15. You must have a lovely collection of postcards by now :-=


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