Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Two in one…Estonia and Lot !!………

Have you been to Tallinn in Estonia? I haven’t, but I know a lady that has.  My wonderful friend Kim B from Paris, has just returned from a great trip there, and yes bless her, she sent me a postcard.  You can read about this trip and many more over on her blog…Sassiland


Kim’s blog  is full of fantastic stories, and one which I found so great is Kim’s  amazing story about how she ended up in Paris!

I was also sent a wonderful Calendar from a lovely lady whose name is Laury. The calendar has a lovely poem on one side.


Laury lives in Lot Valley in the Midi-Pyrenees Region of Southern France, and  is another lady  with a fantastic story about  how she came to be where she is! You can read all about it and more great stories on the blog which is called Soar-Dream-France.  Oh yes forgot to mention, She loves Paris too!!

A big thank you to Kim and Laury!

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  1. how cool! I know, Estonia is a very interesting destination. I think it's great that Kim went there. Lovely people, just like you, Anne!

  2. Gee, I never thought Estonia could be so beautiful. And what a lovely calendar!

  3. Brilliant! What lovely friends and postcards :)

  4. How interesting..I'll go pop over and see it. Happy week ahead Anne..hugs/M

  5. I feel like I've gained entry to an exclusive club now with my postcard being published on your blog!

    Glad it got there!

  6. Dear Anne,
    Estonia sounds very interesting. This is why blogland is wonderful!!

    YES!!! Laury is a lovely soul. Thank you for featuring her here!

    Sending hugs from afar!!


  7. I met a Lithuanian girl today - does that count?

  8. Good morning Anne,

    That is so nice :) I'm sure that gave you a boost. We all need to be shown that we are loved and appreciated.

    That was so cool reading that poem in English on the second postcard too !
    Hugs to my friend xxoo

  9. Laury sounds like she's got a very interesting life, with her place in the Lot!! HOw I long to be in the country/a small town. Marco says he could never consider it because he loves being in the city, but all he does in his off-hours is watch TV, which presumably he could also do in a small town!!! arghhhhhhh.

  10. One can trip all over Europe on these blogs and lovely postcards!

  11. Hi Anne-thanks for featuring my calendar and's actually lyrics I wrote to accompany a piece of music arranged by my friend Marina Gendel! And yes, life in the Lot is incredible!


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