Thursday, 1 October 2009

Fancy coffee, cake and comfort....

and you just happen to be in the Marais ..why not call into ....
Le Loir Dans Le Theiere! This is where we came after I met Leesa and Dawn at the Metro Saint-Paul.

Just one of the many cafes that Leesa and Dawn know! This is a very popular and delightful cafe, with some of the best home made desserts in Paris.. Crumbles, Tarts and Pies, more British I would say, than French..but still delightful, I am sure you will correct me if I am wrong!! It is best to try and go early for lunch, it can get packed out, and you won't want those desserts to run out!!
I loved the coffee, the quirkiness and the people, very friendly. Thanks Leesa and Dawn..another wonderful coffee and chats!!
Some one said it is "One of those places you don't want to recommend because you want it to be your secret".


  1. This looks sooooo great, Anne! I really enjoyed reading your impressions of being there.

    I've seen Leesa's posts about this cafe and hope to go there myself soon! So nice you met Leesa and Dawn there.

    Cheers and take care.

  2. I love your collages. Makes me want to bake up a lemon meringue.
    I'll look out for this place next time I'm in gay Paris!
    Thank you so much for the info on the Jardins de Luxembourg :)

  3. ONE of my FAVS!!! Esp. the waiters- since they are "used to me" now and know who I am... hehehe!! I just LOVE their food/desserts/coffee!! This and Malongo are my two favs in ALL of Paris.... Thanks for the write up... Nice pics!!

  4. Tea and cake, I can't think of anything nicer :-)

  5. Love the photos, but need to ask what are the two on the right of? Wallpaper?

    I'd love to spend some time in Paris so I could just wander and find a place just like this one.

  6. Thank you pleased you loved this post..shame we couldn't of all gone for coffee!!

    We should try and have a big bloggers meet..take over one of parcs in Paris..hey we could get Leesa to help.. :-)

    Leslie..the two on the right one wallpaper, second one, is on the floor as you walk in the door !

  7. That does it Anne! I just have to find a way to go to Paris, and soon! These cozy little address sounds like the perfect thing!

  8. thats one thing you can never get here in Les Gets decent tea or coffee... I always bring my own tea bags from home :-)

  9. Sure.... Keep me in the loop! I'd LOVE to plan a "bloggers meet up" in Paris one day! Maybe in August when the weather is great!!!
    Take care and have a great weekend! Leese

  10. You do such a great job of describing the different places you visit AND even provide a map on how to get there! I also love your collages and the way you lay out your pictures!

  11. Thanks for your wonderful tours through Paris! I love to see all the pictures!

  12. A lovely and quaint establishment Anne! Thank you, Leesa and Dawn for sharing Le Loir Dans Le Theiere. Sounds like a heavenly establishment!!!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend Anne!


  13. I love coffee, but never drink it when I am away because I don't like the long life milk they use. I drink herbal teas instead. I do like the look of their meringue though.

  14. Oooohhh...I know EXACTLY where this place is, and have been meaning to go for a while, but haven't yet. I must go soon, that lemon meringue looks scrumptious! Also, please think of me when you have the next blogger meet up!

  15. This is a new one to me. I'll try it when I get back to Paris.

  16. Anne:
    Your descriptions, and wonderful pictures of your Parisian trip, have made me feel that I was with you.
    I love the idea of having a blogging chums meeting in Paris!


  17. Hi Anne,

    I feel your nostalgia as we pour over your Paris photos !
    Now, there's no way where you live that you could recreate this Paris tea house/ bistrot feeling !
    I remember that we were talking about that during your visit and how for you, a pub is just not the same.

    So... Anne has to return; OUI !!

    Take it easy,

  18. That lemon meringue looks divine........ i was just thinking what cake to bake for dessert tonight and now have the answer!


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