Friday, 7 August 2009

Viva Las Vegas….

came to me!  


from my great friend Leesa! 

Leesa lives in Paris with her French husband Alex, and goes out and about all the time, she has wonderful photographs, not just of Paris but of her great trips.

Leesa  is a traveller, she loves it, she is off all over place, you cannot keep up with her..! Obviously at the moment she is over in the states, where she comes from,  ….but keeping track is the problem. so please do call into her wonderful blog, she has had some wonderful trips..Dublin, Hungary, Strasbourg and around France.. 

Leesa is a wonderful tour guide, we would not of seen half of what we did , when my friend and I went over to Paris  in April,  we knew which areas we wanted to go to , but seeing the not so touristy areas was just so brilliant…!!

My postman must be wondering what is going on with all the wonderful postcards and European mail coming to me!! 

A Huge Thank You Leesa !!


  1. Wow, how cool to hear from Leesa via a card from Las Vegas!

    Viva Las Vegas and viva good friends :)

    Cheers and happy travels to you, too.

  2. Hey Anne!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the postcard... Almost as much as 112 F weather, eh?! : )
    Had a great time in Vegas and tomorrow, I'm off to San Fran...

    Take care and thanks for posting about me on my blog....
    Hugs, Leese

  3. Hi Anne,

    YEAH ! I knew it you would get one too ;)
    I bet that you would just love to accompany Leesa across to the US one of these years ! She is quite a traveler indeed.

    You take care and see you soon.

  4. Good to know about our friend Leesa who has ages to leave a message!!

  5. How lovely. I've often wondered what your postman thinks!


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