Saturday 8 August 2009

Fruity Find of the week…….

Today as I was in my local greengrocers , I was just thinking what fruit to buy…..when I saw these…….



Donut, Saturn or Flat Nectarines

I immediately thought of Welshcakes Limoncello from Sicily Scene, as she did a post a few days ago,  Favourite Summer Fruit.



These are the tastiest, sweetest Nectarines I have ever tried…DELICIOUS!!!


  1. Yum! I will have to buy one of these. I have never had one before. I love fruit! hmmm...I wonder what they are called here in France???

  2. i have never seen these in england before only on welshcakes blog :-)

  3. Thay do look like the peaches I posted, don't they? Thanks for the link.

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  5. They look delicious - Nectarine are my favorites. I've not see these over here in the states yet.

  6. I've seen peaches like that here in France. My French husband prefers the regular round ones so I've enver tried one.

  7. Flat nectarines? Whatever next?

  8. Hi Anne, thanks for stopping by. Nectarines must have tasted so divine, and as usual such fruit are expensive here. I'll have a few of them for sure. Have a great week ahead.

  9. Hi Anne,

    I have NEVER seen those ! I've only seen the flat peaches, which I haven't tried yet.

    You learn something everyday :)
    Have a great Monday & XO out to you.

  10. I bet they would make an incredible crumble or a individual tarts!! Love summer fruit.

  11. And what a find they are! Like WL, I can get the donut peaches but this is the first that I've ever heard of donut nectarines. Love the color!

  12. Philip - Hi, they were delicious, sorry all gone!

    Notes of Noel - will look out before I come over see if they have any.

    Sally - same here, only on WL blog :-)

    Sara- welcome, very delicious indeed, the tastiest I have ever had!

    Linda - you will have to try them, they are so sweet and delicious!

    M.kate - Oh such a shame your fruit is so expensive, well this type anyway..they were devine, sorry I couldn't share.

    Barbara - you certainly do learn something everyday, especially from other blogs!! Have a super week, x0x

    Linda Lou - they would make lovely tarts, but I just love them as they are...might try that, once I get over their divine taste.

    Rowena - Hi, like I said I have heard of neither, such a lovely colur and the taste mmmmmmm


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