Tuesday, 4 August 2009

From across the miles…….

Came another wonderful surprise…it was so great to see an envelope from Sicily…it was from my great friend Welshcakes Limoncello..from Sicily Scene..

Inside the envelope were beautiful postcards, One of Sicily and one of Modica, her home town..









and a photo of herself, Antonio Lonardo , his niece, Melinda Adamo, who illustrated the cover of Il Profumo del Pensiero. This poetry book was written by Antonio, and  Welshcakes (Patrizia) was given the honour of translating it from Italian to English, and what a fantastic job she did.  Please do call in and read  her blog and read all about her  amazing and exciting story. CIMG2740


Welshcake’s blog is a mixture of wonderful sights around Sicily, fascinating recipes, her friends, their lunches, day to day living, her favourite ice cream shop, Raffaele her wonderful  hairdresser,  ups and downs of Sicilian post offices/ water facilities…and her wonderful dog and best friend Simi!! 

Thank you Welshcakes, it was such a wonderful surprise, it made me so happy :-)

Oh how could I forget the little booklet from the wonderful hairdresser…

Raffaele the hairdresser has been working on his publicity again and has come up with a little booklet telling you about your star sign and how you can improve your life [by visiting the salon!] I think it's a neat idea:


I found my star sign, but have no clue as what it says..could be very interesting….I worked a bit out, about sentimental and my man, but that was it:-)

Hopefully Welshcakes will tell me!

UPDATE :- From Welshcakes

No confusion on the emotional front. Your man will be there and will support you in your choices. Don't neglect him ... and don't neglect the one on charge of your hairstyling.... "yellow"

A Big Thank you Welshcakes Limoncello!


  1. I wonder if there is a photo album for postcards????That would be cool.

  2. My mom had one (such a photo album), and you're right, it is really cool!

    Welshcakes' website sounds great! Thanks for the tip!

    When are you back in Paris, Anne??

  3. Anne, the next time I'm over in Hawaii, I would love to send YOU a postcard!

  4. lucia, I am going to look out for one, :-)

    Kim B - Pleased you like Welshcakes blog, yeah its great..
    Back in Paris on 20th August :-) til 2nd September..;-)

    Rowena, oh thanks that would be lovely, maybe one from Lecco...:-)

  5. Even though Italy is just around the corner for us, I have never been. Although I think I would love to go just for the food. In summer Germany is flooded with Italians who have summer ice cream shops and then go back home for the winter... really yummy!

    Have fun in Paris!

  6. ok, keep me posted on your plans!

  7. How lovely to have such a nice surprise package :-)

  8. Thank you, Anne. I can't believe it's me you've written all those nice things about! Antonio will be pleased, too. [He's sunning himself down at the sea at the moment.] xxx

    Lucia, there are postcard albums about. I got mine from a UK shop called "Past Times" . I'm sure they do mail order.

  9. Ps, Anne: Your horoscope reads:

    No confusion on the emotional front. Your man will be there and will support you in your choices. Don't neglect him ... and don't neglect the one on charge of your hairstyling.... "yellow"

    [Raff told me he calls his salon "yellow" 'cos when he opened it there was another salon called "Raffaele". As "our " Raffaele had yellow decor at the time, the salon got the name. But I think he just likes the English word!]

  10. Hi Anne,
    More beautiful surprises coming from your mailbox and judging by your comment in my blog, there are more postcards to share :)

    Such a beautiful achievement for your friend to translate that book.
    Congratulations !
    I will go and visit her blog.

    See you soon, sweety XXOO

  11. Hi Anne, thanks for stopping by my blog...I am half sicilian so I will have to check out your friend's blog in Sicily-it is nice to get awards isn't it?

  12. Welshcakes Limoncello is a doll. I think I met her because of you. Nice gift you received~



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