Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Nature around my garden…..




  1. Very nice Anne! My garden is a bit of a mess right now!

  2. oohh i would love some blackberries in my garden.... did you buy your bush ?? :-)

  3. Hi Sally...No I didn't buy a bush, it is just growing through something else..:-)

  4. Waw Anne! The nature in your garden is just gorgeous!!! I think that here it's too hot now...all plants suffer!
    Wish you a nice week!
    Big hugs

  5. Your garden looks wonderful.

    I like the way you do your mosaics, do you use a special program?

  6. You are lucky that the black currents came to live with you and grow, for Dandelions with squared off petals and mostly that you have a friendly butterfly to visit!!


  7. Hi Anne, you have got beautiful flowers and berries in your garden. I love gardening but sadly we can't grow some of the flowers you have. Hope you are having a good week...well, weekend is very near, hugs/M

  8. Good evening Anne,

    Ooooh, you would think that this is another beautiful postcard sent from an exotic land !
    Lucky you, it's right out your door :)
    I'm glad if my bees have inspired you a wee bit to open your eyes while strolling in your own garden.

    Well done. XXOO

  9. Hi All...I have sent a thank you back to you if not on here.... :-)

    Barbara - Ah thank you, I try my best, to please my readers. Yes I thought I should just have a look what is around me, first came the view out of the window of butterflies, then hubby found the little orange plant which is directly under blackberries, which I never take any notice of, unless going to the car, they are down the other end of the front garden. Please you liked them. take care xox

  10. I've never seen a dandelion that colour!


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