Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow......

I was pottering around at the sink this evening round about 7 ish...and directly in front of me was this!!!

Can you see the double rainbow in photo below?

Luckily I had my camera ready, it was gone within 10 minutes...Good job really, my dinner was cooking!!!

Shooting Stars last night and Rainbows today...!!


  1. Excellent...I saw a rainbow yesterday but couldn't reach in my trunk for my camera to snap a pic!

  2. If I hadn't of gone to the sink, I would of missed it....:-)

  3. I guess dishes are a good thing???lol:)

  4. Great picture! I had the opposite thing happen to me when I was by my kitchen tonite. It backed up and starting leaking underneath. We've tried Drano and snaking it but no luck yet.

    Next time, hopefully I'll see a rainbow instead!

  5. Notes of Noel...oh that is not good, yes lets hope you see a rainbow instead next time...As I said it was just a by chance that I saw it, don't normally potter around the sink ha ha ha !!!

    See you soon, have a fab holiday before hand.

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  8. I managed the falling stars and wishes (just an hour ago), so now all that's left is a double rainbow! Great shot Anne :-)

  9. Oh yes, I can see those double rainbow. Great shot! It pays to have your camera at hand.

  10. I adore rainbows-they feel magic, don't they?

  11. Hi Anne,
    Lovely :) I love rainbows; they are some of the things that I truly miss about Hawaii... the rainbows are smashing over there.

    I think that nature has been sending you positive vibes, with the shooting stars too.
    Good things will soon be happening..

    Hugs XO

  12. Blossom - Thanks for calling in and commenting, pleased you like the shot..:-)

    Linda - This certainly felt magical, I don't normally think about them, but this time I did...and we don't normally have them so wide!

    Barbara - Thank you, Do you normally see a lot of rainbows over in Hawaii? I think something is happening positive..lets hope so. Hugs xox

  13. Gorgeoaus! You can see it, but you can't touch it...

  14. Did you search for the 'pot of gold' at the end of the rainbow?

    Good pics,,,,I'm still searching for a 'pot of gold'.
    But, in the present financial climate in this country, 'tis difficult to find.

    Maybe Tony Blair took it with him when he left Goverment!


  15. You are a lucky girl to catch a rainbow for us! Hope you are having a wonderful adventure in Paris Anne!
    Can't wait to see your photos!


  16. Philip - It was truly amazing, and the colours were brilliant..lucky to catch it. Thanks!

    Trubes - Hi hope you are well. I tried to find the Pot of Gold, no such luck. Maybe one day. Take care x

    Rochambeau - Yes very lucky to catch the rainbow, that is why I shared it with all my friends! I am not in Paris week to go!! xox Anne

  17. How wonderful and what fabulous shots. You should become a professional photographer. I mean it!


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