Friday, 24 July 2009

Another wonderful surprise ...

came through my letter box today, this time from my great friend Sally in Norfolk.

Sally has just returned from a fabulous trip to Peru, with her boyfriend look at her blog and read about their fantastic trip and her photos, they are truly amazing.... Sally and I talked about going to the Peru and the Inca trail, about 5 years ago, obviously we never went, and when Geoff suggested it, Sally was over the moon, a much longed for trip!!

One thing you must read is about their, what I would call terrifying Bike ride...The road of Death bike ride!! The name just says it all. Sally takes on any challenge, and succeeds. So well done :-)

The little icon is I believe is an Inca Man, and I know there is a story behind them, but I am unable to find it. Hopefully Sally will let me know and I can add a link.

Thank you so much Sally, it was a lovely surprise, and I am so pleased you had a fantastic time.!!


  1. I visited Peru once-so interesting.

  2. Perou is always in my mind. One day I'll go there!

  3. Good morning Anne,

    You are surounded by people who love you ! That is a wonderful surprise.
    I had a friend (Zhu) who spent about 3 months trekking around Central & South America last winter.

    Have a nice weekend, honey
    Hugs X

  4. wow you got that quick only posted Thursday 2nd class.

    reading this has just made me cry... I thought of you every day when I walked the Inca trail and how we dreamed of doing it one day, just because of a book we both read .. how I wish I could remember the name of that book. x x

  5. Sally - Wow that was very quick and it is only Saturday morning now!!!

    Oh I didn't want to make you cry:-)

    How sweet, thank you for thinking about me on your wonderful trip.. We could of talked about and read about it for years...!! You dream and do....I just dream :-)

    One day the name of the book will appear and you will laugh about it!!

    Geoff was the right person to go with...:-) Much much more adventurous than me ha ha ...

  6. Barbara - Yes surrounded by loving people is great what blogging can bring..and it was Sally that told me to start one!!

    Happy weekend x x

  7. What a lovely surprise for you :-)

  8. Hi Anne,
    What a thoughtful and nice gift from Sally. The Inca Man will bring you good luck and safety. At least that is what he represents to me!!
    Thinking of you!
    Sending smiles~

  9. Lucky you with all the mail you get these days :-)


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